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Mathematics Appreciation[editing]

Collection of Mathematical AbstractsMahaviracharya, in a very poignant manner, after invokingMathematicis praised.

Whether in the worldly or in the Vedic world, and in the temporal world.
The number of transactions is used everywhere.
Whether it is in the Kama Tantras, in the Arthaśāstra, in the Gandharvas or in the Drama.
In the science of soup, in medicine, in architecture and other subjects.
Rhyme is used in poetry, logic, grammar and so on.
Mathematics is the ultimate presentation of all the modes of art.
When the Sun and other planets are in conjunction with the eclipse,
This is accepted everywhere in the three questions and in the moon’s orbit.
The number of islands, seas and mountains is scattered in diameter.
The light within the buildings is the light of the inhabitants of the world.
They are the pride of all the hell-bound kings of the ranks.
They are understood to be scattered, measured, and otherwise by mathematics.
The eightfold life span of the living entities is established there.
Yatra and others and the saṁhitā are all based on mathematics
What is the use of so many babblings in the three worlds, moving and non-moving?
Everything that exists without mathematics is not possible.


Rohit does not take pride in moving in deep water

The thumb’s water is enough to make the shafari flutter.

Death attracts us to actions that we have not yet performed.

You alone will be righteous and your life will be without cause

Food, sleep, fear and sexual intercourse are common to animals and humans.

Knowledge verily is their chief distinction; devoid of knowledge they are like beasts.


Even if one is in the process of giving up one’s life, one should not do what is not done.

Nor should one abandon his duty This is an eternal religious principle

Without causing grief to others, she went to the field and humbled herself.

Whatever little one does not abandon the path of the virtuous is considered abundant.

What is the use of a beauty that is not manly, even if it is enjoyable?

Even an old cow eats the grass that has been provided by fate.

He who is not angry is distinguished from those who are angry and he who is tolerant is distinguished from those who are tolerant

The learned are superior to the non-human and to the ignorant

One should conquer the angry without anger and conquer the unrighteous with the righteous.

One should conquer evil by charity and by truthfulness one should conquer falsehood.

It is perfect for the pious to achieve what they have thought of without difficulty.

Look at the pigeons flying to the pious.

An incompetent person who engages in an action that presumes to be capable.

He becomes ridiculous and doubts his life

Alas, among all the birds that move at their own free will!

O parrot, you are bound by a cage, and your sweet words are the fruit of your words.

A woman is like a fire pit and a man is like a pot of ghee.

Whose mind does not move at the union of other women

He is incapable of untruthfulness and is cruel to the wives of others

He is cooked in a terrible hell and burned by his own actions.

Fire, water, women, fools, snakes and royal families.

The six immediately destroyers of life should be served with constant effort.

The conflict

Fire, water, women, fools, snakes and royal families.

These six are immediately life-threatening and should be taken daily with great effort.

Fire, water, women, fools, snakes and royal families.

The six immediately destroyers of life should be served with constant effort.

The conflict

Fire, water, women, fools, snakes and royal families.

These six are immediately life-threatening and should be taken daily with great effort.

Agni is the deity of the hearts of the brāhmaṇas and sages.

They are an image of the less intelligent who see equally everywhere

Fire and its effulgence are hidden in the woods of the great world.

They do not use the wood until it is ignited by others.

That is the same thing that happens when the wood is crushed and burned.

That fire quickly burns up the wood and other forests.

They were born in a similar family and were as bright as fire.

They are forgiving and formless and lie down like fire in a piece of wood.

Contentment is the ultimate gain and true association is the ultimate destination.

Thought is the supreme knowledge and peace is the supreme happiness.

Even when he is depressed his mind always rejoices in a good proverb

When I hear someone else’s good words, my mind wants to hear them again.

Ignorance should be able to subdue even the wise

It is necessary for men to collect the necessary proverbs

It is for the light-minded to count whether this is their own or someone else’s.

For those who are generous in their conduct, the earth is their family.

The horse is not an elephant, nor is it a tiger, nor is it a tiger.

One should offer sacrifice to the son of a goat, even if the god kills the weak.

The sixth and fourth of these are laughing and leaving.

How can I be the second, and how can I be the second?

It brings good fortune, welfare, health, wealth and prosperity.

O lamp-light, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, who destroy the intelligence of Your enemies.

The Pāṇḍavas were overjoyed to see Keśava fallen.

All the Kurus are crying, “O Keśava, O Keśava!


Anything that is rich and fortunate for the whole earth

The great opulence of the world created by His pastimes is the fragment of the other.

The whole property of memories, well-done, and the embodiment of flowers

May your nectar-beautiful waters appease us from all inauspiciousness.

-- Gangalhari


Someone neglected his rights by the teacher of separation from his lover

By the curse of the setting sun, the glory of her husband was measured by the enjoyment of the year.

The yaksha bathed Janaka's daughter in the holy waters

He lived in the hermitages of Rama’s mountains under the shady trees of the city.



Still that golden champacadamagouri

Fullarvindavadana Navaromrajin.

She got up from her sleep and was accompanied by Madan Vival Sala

I think of knowledge as if it had been lost in ignorance.



Kissing her cheeks and holding others in her mouth

Their chests were covered with thread and hair, and their breasts were heavy with pupils.

They shook their thighs and slipped their broad hips

It is obvious that the winter winds blow in the wind, which is the characteristic of the lovers.

Shringarashatak (Bhartrihari)

The deer[editing]

He counts the group of virtues and does not move Bhama even out of delusion

It carries satisfaction and releases evil from a distance

Among the young women Vala is thirsty and dark and enjoys himself without me

Again my mind is attracted to the left, what can I do?

--Geet Govind


Anything, anything, slowly, slowly, by the combination of attachment

The unbroken forehead in the order of the talking torch

A loose embrace of each of the occupied arms

The night passed in the unknown




.. Collections of Proverbs.


They are harder than thunderbolts and softer than flowers

Who can understand the minds of those who are beyond this world?


Harder than the vajra (and) softer than the flowerWho indeed deserves to (or is able to ) understand thehearts of great people?%


Over-acquaintance leads to disrespect and constant walking leads to disrespect.

In Malaya, the Bhillapurandhrī uses sandalwood tree wood as fuel.


Excessive familiarity breeds contempt, Visiting someonetoo often causes disrespect.The wife of a bhilla (adivasi clan) on the malaya mountainuses the log of a sandalwood tree as fuel%


A king is destroyed by evil counsel, and a saint by association,

A son from nurture, a brahmin from ignorance, a family from a dog,

Character is from the worship of the wicked.

Hee from alcohol, even from neglect, agriculture,

Affection is from the refuge of travel, and the minister from unlove,

Prosperity brings, sacrifice brings wealth and negligence brings wealth.


A king perishes thru bad advice

a sannyasi through association (1)

a son due to excessive indulgence

a rishi by neglecting to meditate

a clan due to wicked women

conduct due to squabbles

shame thru wine

crops by neglect

friendship by foreign travel (2)

a minister due to lack of attachment ( to the king )

prosperity by lack of regulation

and money thru sacrifice and enjoyment.

  • (1) Sannyasis are expected to remain in

solitude as much as posible

(2) Really implies excessive separation


Even the golden Lanka does not please me , Lakshman

Mother and birthplace are more precious than heaven.


Even though Lanka is a golden land, O Lakshmana,

it does not appeal to me. One's mother and motherland are

grander than heaven itself।


( Said by Rama upon viewing Lanka )


Whether he is the lord of Delhi or the lord of the universe he is able to fulfill his desires

The food offered by other kings may be used for vegetables or salt.



Trees bear fruit for the benefit of others , rivers flow for the benefit of others

Cows milk this body for the benefit of others.


Trees bear fruit to do good to others, Rivers flow to

do good to others; Cows milk to do good to others - This

body is for doing good to others.

It is to assist others that the trees give fruit,

that the rivers flow, that the cows produce milk.

(By implication) our own human body also should be

employed for the assistance of others.


Whoever rubbed the root of any tree

Whatever is to be given to whom, or whatever is to be given, will be given.


The root of this or that tree - ground with something or

the other given to someone or the other will cause either

this or that


The serpent shines with madness, whom with the waters, the night with the full moon

A woman by virtue, a horse by speed, a temple by daily festivals.

(Video) Sanskrit | Wikipedia audio article

Voice by grammar, swan pairs by steam, assembly by scholars

By a pious son, the family, the king, the earth, and the three worlds are created by Lord Viṣṇu.


A serpent is appealing in (a state of) intoxication,

water because of lotuses, the night because of a full

moon, a woman because of (good) character, a horse because

of its' speed, a temple because of regular festivals,

language by (correct) grammar, a well by a pair of swans, a

meeting by scholars, a family by a good son, the earth

by a king and all the three worlds because of vishnu।


For example, a chariot cannot move with one wheel.

Thus, without the action of the human being, fate cannot be accomplished.


Just as a chariot cannot move with only one wheel, even sofate not come to fruition without human actions।%(This verse seems to be meant against those fatalistswho refuse to do act, relying instead on fate.)

"Chariot with puncturestranded at junctureone wheel is not good to move it;agent all activeno damn effectiveFate gotta check and approve it!"%%


The saintly persons playfully uttered the letter written on the stone

The letter written in the water was uttered by the wicked under oath


Even the playful words from good people are asreliable as those carved in stone. With the bad, evenpledges are as shaky as words written on water.

"Good man just say casual-like:Promise stone-engraved!Bad man swear on oath and all:Writing on a wave!"%


Patience in adversity and forgiveness in prosperity

Eloquence in the assembly is prowess in battle

And the desire for fame is an addiction to hearing

This is indeed the perfection of nature for the great souls.


Courage during bad times, forgivance during prosperity,oratorial skills in a meeting, valour in a war,????during fame, and addiction to knowledge - allthese come naturally to great people.


There is no ruby ​​on a rock, no pearl on an elephant, no elephant on an elephant.

Good people are not everywhere, nor is sandalwood in the forest.


precious stones cannot be found on every mountain- a diamond cannot be found on every elephant(explanation - The Airawat elephant belonging to Indra hada diamond in his forehead), - Good people are noteverywhere - sandalwood is not in every forest.

Not every mountain has gems in it, and not everyelephant is adorned with pearls. Not every forestis blessed with sandal trees, and good people arenot to be found everywhere.


In festivities, in adversity, in famine and in danger from the enemy.

He who stands at the gate of the king and in the graveyard is a relative


In a festival as well as in calamity, in a famine andin an invasion, at the doorstep of the king and in thegraveyard - one who stands (besideyou) is your brother

Only those can be considered kinsmen, who standby you whether in festivities or times of trouble, infamines or when enemies threaten, at the king'scourt or in the cremation ground.

"Facing drug or homicideparty time or barmecidestepping sprightly, palace-boundwandering on burning ground,man who keeps with you through allis true homey, brother, pal."%


A hero is born out of hundreds and a scholar out of thousands

Whether a speaker is a giver out of ten thousand or not


A valiant man is born one among every hundred.A scholar one among thousand, A speaker amongtenthousand, however a generous giver may or may not be born.

"One brave man in hundred chapsThousand yield a pundit,Ten of them for one that yaps,Where the man to fund it?"%


It is painful to earn wealth and to protect what is earned

Suffering in the future is suffering in the expenditure of money


It is difficult to earn money, and to protect the earnings.Income as well as expenditure give pain - Fie on Money! -which is the cause of hardship.


Those who do not have the strength of their arms do not have the strength of their minds

What does the god of the moon, who is situated in the sky, do to them?


Those who do not have armstrength (physical strength)and those who do not have mental strength, What good canmoon's strength do to them being resident in the sky?

"Strength of bicep gone to hellblurred the mental eye,what on earth can moon-effectdo from high-up sky?"%


He is resigned to his vessel, passionate about virtue, and divided among his relatives.

A man who is enlightened in the scriptures, who is a warrior in battle, and who has five characteristics.


Sacrificing (giving) at a deserving place, recognizinggood qualities, equally dividing among brothers,knowledgable in the sciences, a warrior inwars are The five qualities of ( a good man).


They are angry in a moment, satisfied in a moment, angry and satisfied in a moment.

Even the grace of those whose minds are unsettled is terrible


Angry one moment and content another. changing moodsevery so often. - Even being in the good books offickleminded people is frightening.%Even favors are to be feared from people who are happyone minute and angry the next, those people who donot have a steady mind.

"Moment wildest, moment mildest,wildest mildest now and then,mind disarrayed, what a harrieddude to talk to, what a pain!"%


In autumn it does not rain, it thunders, and in the rainy season it rains, a silent cloud.

The mean man speaks and does not act, and the righteous man speaks and does not act.


In the autumn, the clouds thunder but yield no rain;during the season, they rain without the thunder.The inferior man talks but does not perform whereasthe great man simply performs without talking.

"Autumn cloudalways loud,unendowed.What a wuss!Monsoon wondernever thunder,bending underload of juice.

Bad guy singingself-exults,lift no finger,just give speech;good man bringingbig results,no malinger,never preach."%


Dispute in vows, disagreement in discrimination, excessive doubt in truth, and disturbance in humility.

A saintly person does not insult virtue, forbid virtue or oppose religion.


The saintly don't indulge in the following - argumentsduring penances, crooked thinking during times that callfor discrimination, being skeptical towards the truth,transgressing laws of conduct, insulting those with highqualities, spoiling well being and acting against Dharma.


in disputes, in depression, in negligence, in exile

In the water, in the fire, on the mountain, in the midst of the enemy.

Always feed me in the forest, in the shelter

You are the path, You are the path, You are the path, You are the path.



The blows fall on the wound constantly

When wealth is lost, the stomach fire increases.

Enmities arise in disasters

In some cases, misfortunes abound.


%Where is knowledge for the lazy? Where is wealth for the ignorant? Where is the friend for the poor? Where is happiness for the enemy?%

How can a lazy one get educated, how can an uneducatedman earn wealth, how can a penniless man have friends,and how can anyone be happy without friends?


Our badari chakra is your badari tree.

The relationship of Bādarāyaṇa is you, you, we, we.


%For those who are light-minded they do not care whether this is their own or someone else’s The earth is the family of those who are generous.%

This one belongs to my group, the other one isan outsider - This is the thought of petty people;for the magnanimous, broadminded person, the wholeworld is family.

"This is mine,That is thineSmall man divvies superfineBig man sayWhat the hayWhole world is my familay"%


A man who has wealth is a nobleman

He’s a scholar, he’s a hearer, he’s a virtuous man.

He is the speaker and he is the spectator

All the virtues depend on gold.


The man who has money is (regarded as ) one from agood family, he is a scholar, and he is well versed inthe scriptures, he is a patron of good qualities,he is the only speaker, and he is handsome \dotsAll qualities take shelter with gold.%


Non-anger, austerity, forgiveness, strong religion, and freedom from interest.

This virtue is the cause of all things and is the supreme ornament of all.



Sometimes a learned conversation and sometimes a drunken quarrel

Sometimes they played the harp and sometimes they cried out, “Alas, alas!”

Sometimes Rama is beautiful and sometimes her body is worn out with age

I do not know whether this world is made of nectar or poison


Some find themselves in the company of great scholars;some associate with squabbling ruffians.Some get to play the Vina, some spend their time weeping.Some are blessed with great looks, some have old anddecaying bodies\dotsIn this life, who knows whose life would be blissfuland whose poisonous.

"Shooting breeze with coolest dudes,but sometimes drunken brawling,sometimes strumming mellow tunesand sometimes childish bawling,dolled up in youth's flush,then arthritis, or epilepsy,life is flowing on,but is it coke or is it pepsi?"%


Bracelets do not suck a man, necklaces do not shine like the moon

No bath, no perfume, no flowers, no ornate hair.

The voice alone adorns a man, which is held in Sanskrit

Ornaments are always destroyed, and the ornament of speech is always destroyed.


Peacock feathers are not the true adornment of man,not glistening-as-the-moon necklaces either,neither are bathing and decorating and flowers ,noble speech is the only true adornment,it is the basis of culture,


Virtue adorns beauty, and character adorns family.

Siddhi adorns knowledge, enjoyment adorns wealth.


Character makes good looks prettier,a clan's reputation is made higher by conduct,(theoretical) learning is enhanced by practicalaccomplishments and money's worth is enhanced byspending it.


Even an inexpensive ruby ​​requires a golden shelter.

Learned women and creepers do not look beautiful without shelter


Even priceless gems look for the refuge of gold(i.e. even gems need to be affixed to gold to be made intoornaments and appreciated)even so, the following need support to truly shine:scholars, creepers and women.

"A gem looks like a camelturdif it's not set in goldA creeper, like cold spaghetti,without a wall to holdA poet, like a game-show host,outside a patron's foldA chick without a man is toopathetic to behold."%


A girl chooses her beauty, her mother’s wealth, her father’s education.

Relatives want family, while others want sweet food.

( When a girl gets married )The girl is interested in the man's looks;the mother in how wealthy he is; the father in hisqualifications the relatives in his family status,the other guests merely in the feast.


O king of doctors, I offer my obeisances to you, brother of the king of Yama.

Yama, the king of physicians, takes away his life and his wealth.


Greetings (namastubhyam) to the doctor (vaidyaraaja)who is the friend (brother?) of yama. While yama only takeslife, vaidyaraaj takes life and wealth too!

%There is no letter without a mantra, no root without a medicine.

"No letter be too nasty for a hum,no root too nasty as a healing dose,no man a nasty good-for-nothing bum.Good MBA find use for all of those."%

Bodies are impermanent, and power is not eternal.

Death is always inevitable and one should collect religious principles


"Immortal soulcan go AWOLfrom body, in a flash,and large amountin bank accountlasts till the next big crash,so pursue dharmanot just firmermuscle, bigger cash."%


He gives, accepts, tells secrets, asks questions.

He enjoys and is fed by the six kinds of pleasures.



He sang well-spoken songs and played with young women.

He whose mind is not divided is either a liberated person or an animal.


(Video) Swami Vivekananda Sigma rule

If a man is not seduced by sweet music or theplays of young women, he must be either anenlightened sage, or an (unfeeling) animal.


The initiation and conclusion are the fruits of unprecedented practice.

The argument for meaning is also used to determine the meaning of the gender.


(regarding evaluating and understanding anybook or article)


food, sleep, fear, and sex

This is common to animals and humans.

Religion is their greatest specialty

Devoid of religion they are like animals


Eating and sleeping and having sex are all common toboth animals and humans; what is special about menis their consciousness of Dharma - a man withoutthe feeling of Dharma is comparable to an animal।


Who has experienced solitary happiness or solitary misery?

The lower classes are moving in the order of the wheels and wheels.



The king, who is strong in four divisions, should bring the world under his control.

I am the five-pointed star, and I bring the sky under my control.


A virtuous person does not know the virtuous, and a virtuous person is envious of the virtuous.

He is virtuous and passionate about virtues He is a rare and simple man


Those who do not have talent do not recognizeother talented people and thosewho are talented envy other talented people.Those who are themselves talented and loveother talented persons, such simplepeople are rare indeed.


In the eighteen Purāṇas there are two statements of Vyāsa.

Helping others is pious and oppressing others is sinful


In all the eighteen Puranas, Shri Vyasa hastwo significant utterrings:serving others is a good deed, and it is a sinto inflict pain onto others.


The self-willed team darvind

Te Maranda Vindanto Viddhatu Te Milindah.

Amodantha to take the green teeth

No one else in the world is more skilled than the breeze.


Oh, free(ly blooming) lotus of the watersbumble bees (surrounding you) are for takingyour *NECTAR* but to take your fragrancein all directions there is none morecapable than the wind.


There is a wonderful series of hopes for human beings.

Bound by her, they run away, and freed, they remain lame.


Hope is an amazing bonding chain of man.Those who are bonded by it run, and thosewho are free, remain immobile like disabled.


The minds of the wicked have different words and actions.

The great souls have one mind, one word and one action.


The mind, speech, and action of downfallenpeople function in an uncoordinated manner,where as those of great souls display one pointedness।


Knowledge is a hidden treasure more than a man's appearance

Knowledge brings enjoyment, fame and happiness. Knowledge is the teacher of the teachers.

Knowledge is the supreme god when going abroad, brothers and sisters

Knowledge is worshiped among kings but not wealth A man without knowledge is an animal


Knowledge is the highest beauty in man and it is thesecret wealth. Success comes to those who haveknowledge and they really enjoy and make merry.Knowledge is the highest preceptor itself. When oneis in foreign land, knowledge is the closest friend andsupreme guide. Knowledge, not wealth, is reallyrespected and revered by the rulers. One withoutknowledge is like an animal.


Knowledge is a friend when traveling, and a wife is a friend at home.

Medicine is a friend to the sick, and religion is a friend to the dead.


Knowledge is a friend in distant lands. Wife is a friend athome. To the sick the right medicine is a friend. Dharma(righteousness) is a friend even beyond the grave.


They were endowed with beauty and youth and were born into large families.

Without knowledge, people are not as beautiful as fragranceless lotuses.


They who have charm and youthfulness, born in greatfamily, yet without education they do not shine,as the `kimshuka' which have beauty but no fragrance.


The knowledge of a book is like wealth in the hands of others

When it arises at the time of work, that knowledge is not that wealth.


Knowledge that is in note-books in (our) shelves, and(our) money now in the hands of others, both are useless.When time comes for their use neither that knowledgenor that wealth will be available.


The chief of the languages ​​is the sweet, divine Girvan Bharati.

That is why poetry is sweeter than that and why proverbs are so good


Among the main languages, the resplendent, ancient,language (of the gods) sanskrit is very melodious,sweeter is a poem in it, and even sweeter is asubhashita form.


The reputation of logic is different from the scriptures

No sage has gone to prove it.

The element of righteousness lies in the cave

The great man by whom the paths were taken.

The heart of the gentleman is renewed

What the poets say is a lie.

Other bodies flourish in sorrow

A gentleman does not run away from what is newly brought.


The heart of a kind/decent/good person is like butterso say poets but it is false.When the distress (heat) is directed at another bodythe kind person('s heart) melts, but butter does not.

He should be pampered for five years and beaten for ten years.

When the child reaches the age of sixteen, one should treat him as a friend.

(The rules regarding handling the children areexplained here)Allow pampering of the children for (first) five years,reprimand them (after that) for ten years, (but)once they become sixteen years of age treat them like friends.

O best of kings, you and I are both the masters of the universe.

O King, I am the plural, and you are the sixth person.

O king, both of us are Lokanaath`s.But, I am a Bahuvriihi lokanaath \dots(the one whose masters are the people)and you are a ShhashhThi Tatpurushh.(the master of the people).

(There are different ways of breaking combo-words inSanskrit. These are called Samaas. A Bahuvriihi samaasbreaks a word (A)(B) as: f(A) (or F(b)) whose/whom/which/who/etc g(A) (or G(B)) and aShhashhThi tatpurushha breaks it as,A of B or B`s A (or vice-versa)).

These strings, strings, strings, are played in the north and south.

The distressed butterfly is crying, “Teere, teere, tarau tarau.”

Love thirsty she-bird (it is a female Titar bird =tittirii), while wandering on river banks and trees,cries in a crescendo (a pitch that increses in loudnesswith time variable).(This is a classic example of humorous alliteration(anupraas). The last combination of words is brokenlike taraiH etaiH uttarittartaH utaiH.)

O poverty, I offer my obeisances to you, for by your grace I have been lifted up.

I see the world.s everything but no one sees me.

Hail poverty, you have set me free. It is because of you,that I can see everybody else, but nobody can see me.

The doctor was astonished to see the coffin on fire

I have not gone, nor has my brother. Whose hand is this lightness?

On seeing a burning body (funeral), a doctor remarkswith dismay, `I have not attended the dead bloke,nor have my brothers-in-business, then who has comeup with this sleight of hand?`

Break the pot, cut the cloth, and then climb the racetrack.

In what ways can a person become famous?

By breaking pots, tearing clothes, or riding on a donkey,a man(/woman) tries to be famous by hook or crook.

Brahma lies in the lotus, and Lord Hari lies in the Himalayas.

I think the Supreme Personality of Godhead is lying in the ocean of milk.

Lord Brahma sleeps on a lotus,Lord Shiva sleeps in Himalaya,Lord Vishnu sleeps in Ksheersaagar,all due to the fear of bugs in their bed.


Contempt from over-acquaintance.

Excessive greed is for destruction.

One should not be overly thirsty.

Avoid too much everywhere.

More is more fruit.

For destiny is insurmountable.

Time is short and there are many obstacles

The unattainable benefit.

Trade in non-trades.

Non-violence is the supreme religion.

Who can uproot what is written in the law, whether it is evil or good?

Meaning is the friend of man in this world.

The shape of a goat is the sight of a crow.

Suffering in the future, suffering in the expenditure, woe to those who are dependent on hardship.

Even if sugarcane is sweet it should not be eaten whole

Here is the well and then the bank.

He’s been corrupted from here and from there.

God’s will is stronger.

The desires of the poor arise and dissolve.

People are indeed fond of celebrations.

One should pick up the thorn with the thorn itself.

A great reliance should be made.

What do poets not see?

Time passes by the joy of poetry and scripture for the wise.

I offer my obeisances to him for time.

What is the use of adorning sweet things that are not shapely?

What a difficult task for the merciless.

What is the sweet food of donkeys and pigs?

What can’t be accomplished with forgiveness?

Suffering, by its fruit, produces newness again.

The past is not to be regretted.

The world that follows the past is not transcendental.

The pace of action is deep.

Virtues are worshiped everywhere.

Suffering and pleasure revolve like a cycle

Mother and birthplace are more precious than heaven.

The pot is gradually filled by the drops of water.

The living being is the life of the living being.

A broken relationship is a peaceful quarrel.

Religion is the lamp in the three worlds.

It is rare to be born in India, and it is rare to be a human being there.

The mountains in the distance are beautiful.

All are subject to matter.

Religion is the friend of the dead.

For the steadfast cross the danger.

There is no religion equal to truth.

It is not advisable to dig a well in a house on fire

It has never been, nor will it ever be.

Namah Shivaya.

Obeisance to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vāsudeva.

There is nothing in this world as holy as knowledge.

There is no supreme happiness in peace.

Even when the chicken is hidden, the red one still appears.

What about giving oil to the lamp of Nirvana?

In a place where there are no trees, even castor oil grows.

The world is the grass of the desireless.

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The steadfast do not give up on a certain purpose.

Where is happiness for the poor?

The lowest and highest states move in the order of the wheels and wheels.

The pain of others is cool.

This body is for the benefit of others.

Wisdom in teaching others.

Altruism is for the sake of merit.

The glories of the virtuous are for the benefit of others.

After washing it again and again, the kajjala does not turn white.

The mind is different from body to body.

The lamp of knowledge is lit.

Fly drop at first bite.

The three jewels on earth are water, food and good proverbs.

A slow-witted person is better than a deaf person.

For the benefit of many people and the happiness of many people.

Bahuratna Vasundhara.

Children’s crying is strength.

Intelligence is according to action.

The strength of one who has intelligence.

Let us hear with our ears the good news, O gods.

There are doors everywhere for those who are to come.

The world has different tastes.

Honey remains on the tip of the tongue, while halahala remains in the heart.

The mind should be purified.

There is no movement of desires.

Death is the nature of the embodied.

The paths that the great man has traveled.

All efforts made on the path bear fruit.

Be the mother goddess.

Become the god of the fathers.

Acharyadevo Bhava.

Become a guest god.

A fool is one whose intelligence is persuasive to others.

For the soft is humiliated.

Silence is the means of all purposes.

As the seed, so the sprout.

Like the king and the subjects.

Whatever it is, it will be.

Whatever or whatever he says.

The beggar growls like a dog when he sees the beggar.

The kind of seed one sows, the kind of fruit one gets.

He who is active is a wise man.

The story of the war is fascinating.

In whatever way a man may become famous

The additive is rare there.

The king is the cause of time.

Vande Mataram.

Speaker in the tens of thousands.

Poverty of speech \?

A learned person is worshiped everywhere.

The wealth of knowledge is the chief of all wealth.

At the time of destruction, the opposite mind.

Cheating on cheating.

The body is the first means of religion.

Character is the supreme ornament.

Good are the paths.

Good luck to you.

Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood.

Truth is the ornament of the neck.

Happiness is taught to the other.

Collection is the accomplisher.

Nature is difficult to transgress

sentence collection[editing]

Om Tat Sat

But for the desire of the self, everything is dear to everyone

Avoid too much everywhere

Be a guest god

Disrespect from over-acquaintance

The more the more the fruit

A man is a slave to wealth

I am Brahma

Non-violence is the supreme religion

It is like water falling from the sky and flowing into the sea

Acharyadevo Bhava

He should lift himself up

Get up, wake up, and listen to the boons you have received

For things are accomplished by enterprise and not by wishes

Like Urvashi, I shall be freed from the bondage of death and from the nectar

He should borrow and drink ghee

The Brahmins say one thing in many ways

I would be alone and many would be born

You have right to action only, never to fruits

There is no fear or shame for the lustful

Miserable are the causes of the fruit

Obeisance to him for time

Time passes by the joy of poetry and scripture for the wise

May he always do good

Krnvanto visvamaryam

The past is not to be regretted

The wise do not grieve for the dead and the dead

The virtues are a place of worship

Mother and birthplace are more precious than heaven

Human birth is rare among animals

The pot is gradually filled with the drops of water

May Autumn live a hundred years

The living being is the life of the living being

That's what you are

Save me, Lord

Whether the donor is or not

I salute the wicked first

A rare word is dear

Rarely born in India

All are subject to matter

They are devoid of righteousness and are like animals

Righteousness protects and is protected

I do not desire the kingdom

Neither past nor future

Not by intelligence, not by hearing many things

The ocean is the movement of rivers


Namo Namah

Naro or Kunjaro

This Self is not attainable by preaching

This Self is not attainable by the weak

I don’t overdo it

neti neti

Altruism is for the sake of merit

Wisdom in teaching others

Drinking milk from snakes only increases their venom

The mind is different from body to body

Become the god of the fathers

Let them drink the nectar of speech and cross the ocean of death

Don't interrupt the breeding

The lamp of knowledge is lit

Even the slowest does not act without intending the fruit

The beginnings of the rituals are inferred from the fruits as if they were ancient

For the benefit of many people and the happiness of many people

Brahman is true, the universe is false

The path by which the great man has gone

Be the mother goddess

Like a mother to other wives

And darkness by false knowledge is the supreme abode by knowledge alone

Silence is the sight of consent

Silence is the means of all purposes

Whatever you like is acceptable

Because the words cease

Where women are worshipped, gods enjoy them

as king and subjects

Whatever he likes is beautiful to him

As long as the moon and the sun

as long as the moon and the sun

In whatever way he may become a famous man

Yoga is skill in actions

I carry the safety of yoga

The additive is rare there

That’s the taste

May all the worlds be happy

You should also do the gathering of the people while you are watching

What poverty in words

Vande Mataram

We are the sons of the Immortal

Vasudhaiva family

Knowledge is the ornament of everything

Those who are afflicted with learning have no taste or ripeness

The learned are worshiped everywhere

The opposite intelligence at the time of destruction

Rain in vain in the seas

Let the Vedas be studied daily

The physician is Narayana and Hari

The whole world is left by Vyasa

Slowly the neck, slowly the path

The body is indeed the first means of righteousness

May there be peace, nourishment and satisfaction

The disciple should desire defeat

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Good luck and good fortune

Soon of the good

May those paths be auspicious

The believer attains knowledge

Power in the Sangha in the Age of Kali

Speak the truth, practice righteousness, and do not be proud of your study

True knowledge is the infinite Brahman

Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood

It is better to speak the truth

Everything is suffering under the control of others

All virtues depend on gold

Let all people be happy

Let him bear and let him eat

Sri resides in courage

Where is knowledge for those who seek happiness?

A woman's character is a man's destiny

Being a deer in itself

%%%% Possible rejects for the given reasons. They are not bad or wrong, but probably not suitable.

Too abstract/philosophical, explanations are likely to be too complicated, does not mean much out of context!

With an unattainable mind

That is, the inquiry into the Brahman

Do not go to the untruth

Asavadityo Brahma

This is all about God

Renunciation of desirable actions is renunciation

Who am I?

May that be my Shiva resolution

Then let the swan stir

This soul of Him unfolds His body

Nor is there any perfection of fact by inference

The full madness is called the full this\m+ full from the full

Wisdom is the Brahman

A Brahmin is one who knows Brahman

Well, blow our minds too

Reality itself is the authenticity of that which is the chief of the words knowledge

The dharma pervading only the goal is the characteristic

He enjoys nectar by knowledge

since it can be inferred even by the contrary

That Self is the white star in the essence

Meaning is attained by possibility alone

Knowledge with science

We serve every day

May the good sacrifices come to us from all over the world

This Atharva Shirsa should not be given to a non-disciple

Let the rain fall in time

Charaiveti Charaiveti

in the country, in time, and in the vessel

The source said

One should place his feet cleansed of his eyes and drink water cleansed of his clothes. Manu.॥ 6/46.

115 Proverbs (with English meaning)[editing]

*1.over-acquaintance and disregard (= over-acquaintance and disregard)= Familiarity bread contempt. Beginning of a Proverb "Too much acquaintance causes disrespect and constant visits lead to disrespect. meaning, "Familiaritybreads contempt and frequenting brings disrespect. (For example) a tribalwoman in the Malay mountains would burn sandalwood as firewood."

*2.Excessive greed for destruction= Greed will kill (is poison)

*3.Avoid too much everywhere= Excess of anything should be avoided (is bad)

*4.Don't be too thirsty= Too much hankering is bad

*5.More is the fruit of more= More the merrier

*6.For the policy is inviolable= Codes should not be transcended

*7.There is little time and many obstacles= Time is short and obstacles are many.

*8.Trade in non-trades= Trading in non-tradables. In Srimad Bhagavad Gita "One's own religion is better than the religion of others, which is devoid of virtue and frightening. This is only line which is repeated ditto throughout Srimad Bhagavad Gita first at 3-35 and also at 18-47. It is that important. It means, "It is advisable to be with one's own inherent character, however unimpressive. (The thought of adopting) the character of others is frightening."

*9.Non-violence is the supreme religion= Non-violence is the supreme code of conduct

*10.The unattainable benefit= Unattainable gain, A windfall. For example, beingable to meet a dignitary, whom you would have never dreamt of being able tomeet, becomes an unattainable gain, a windfall.

*11.Who eradicates what is written in the law, whether it is evil or good (eradicates what is written in the law).=Eliminates the legally written)= Good or bad, can anyone avoid or evade thedestiny? In Hindi, who can avoid the honi?

*12.For meaning is the friend of man in this world= Money only is the true friend.

*13.The shape of a goat is the sight of a crow= Personality of a crane, but looksof (hovering eyesight like that of) a crow

*14.Suffering in the future, suffering in the expenditure, woe to the meanings (=woe to the meanings) are the sources of suffering= Hatethe Moneys which prove troublesome whether by income or outgo

*15.Sugarcane, even if it is sweet, is not edible at all= Sugarcane, even if it is sweet isnot to be eaten along with its roots.

*16.Here is the well and then the bank= This side a dug well and that side a trench

*17.He went astray from here and went astray from there= Unethical here, unethical there

*18.God's will is stronger= God's will prevails

*19.The desires of the poor arise and dissolve= Dreams of the poor cropup and vanish

*20.People are indeed festive= People are given to festivities

*21.Kantakenaiva kantakamuddharet (= Kantakenaiva kantakamudharet)= Use athorn to remove a thorn

*22.Great reliance should be made= Keep company of the noble. In Meghdootam Kalidasasays, "Yanca mogha varamadhigune nadhame labdhakama" It means, "Better to seekprayers of the better ones, even if they may not fructify, than to seek fromthe mean ones, even if they may have better chance of getting fulfilled."

*23.What do poets not see?= Is there anything that is beyond theimagination of poets?

*24.Time passes by the joy of poetry and scripture for the wise= Intelligent people engagethemselves in poetry, sciences, entertainment. An interesting quote insimilar vein is, "The knowledgeable ones discuss thoughts, commoners discussevents, the unintelligent discuss people."

*25.Obeisance to him for time= Time and tide wait for none. In similar vein, नकालेन समौषधम् meaning, "Time is the best healer."

*26.What about the embellishment of sweets without figures (no figures = no + figures or= not + of the unformed) =?

*27.What is difficult for the merciless (= difficult for the merciless)= What isimpossible for the heartless?

*28.What a favorite food for donkeys and pigs= What of sweets to donkeys and pigs? In Marathi, what does donkey taste like jaggery? means, "What taste do donkeys have for jaggery?"

*29.What is not accomplished by forgiveness?= What can not be achieved by pardon? orWhat cannot be achieved by saying "sorry"?

*30.For trouble by its fruit makes us new again= If one trouble succeeds introubling, it keeps coming back in newer forms. In similar vein,छिद्रेष्वनर्था बहुली भवन्ति means, "Once there is a hole, drains increase."

*31.The past is not to be regretted= Let bygone be bygone.

*32.The world of the past and the future is not transcendental= People conduct rooted inconventions. Rarely there is anyone, who seeks the supreme meaning.

*33.The pace of deep action= This is last part in a shloka inShrimad Bhagavad Gita It is necessary to understand the action and the inaction. And it should be understood that the path of inaction is deep (4-17). meaning, "It becomes a matter of very deep thinking to understand what Karma is. It is to be understood by Karma, as it presents itself , also by its anti-theses and also by its non-being."

*34.Virtues are worshiped everywhere= Virtues are respected everywhere.

*35.Suffering and pleasure revolve like a cycle= Sorrows and happiness keepcoming and going in cyclic order as a turning wheel. This quotation is, Ithink, from "svapnavaasavadattam" by dramatist Bhaasa. The quotation at #57has almost identical meaning and is from मेघदूतम् by कालिदास

*36.Mother and birthplace are more precious than heaven= Mother and motherland are morerespectable than even heaven. (Source?)

*37.The pot is gradually filled with the drops of water= Drops fill up a pitcher. In Hindi it is exactly translated as "drop by drop it becomes a lake"

*38.The living being is the life of the living being= Lives survive, one on another. Another versionof this is जीवो जीवस्य भोजनम् means "one life is food of another."

*39.A broken relationship is a peaceful quarrel= Relationship severed, quarrel pacified. In Marathi, "Ek Ghav, Two Pieces" means "One stroke, two pieces!!"

*40.The lamp in the three worlds is religion= Dharma i.e. righteous conduct is theguiding light, beacon, in all three worlds (here, in nether world and inheaven)

*41.It is rare to be born in India and humanity is rare there= Difficult i.e. not ineveryone's luck to be borne in India. It is further difficult to born as ahuman being.

*42.The mountains are beautiful in the distance= Mountains are beautiful from a distance. In Marathi, this is exactly translated as the mountains celebrate from afar

*43.All are subject to matter= All can be commanded by wealth

*44.Righteousness is the friend of the dead= Religion is a friend of the dead (?)

*45.For the steadfast cross the danger (swim the danger = cross the danger)= The boldconquer obstacles

*46.There is no religion equal to truth= There is no religion equal to the Truth

*47.It is not advisable to dig a well in a burning house= It is no use digging awell when the house is on fire

*48.Neither past nor future= Hasn't been, shall not be. The phrase is usedto describe an unparalleled event or person. For example, a Mahatma likeGandhi has not been, shall not be.

*49.For there is nothing holy like knowledge in this world= There is nothing sacred as (true) knowledge. This is first line in a shloka inShrimad Bhagavad Gita where the second line is That self-perfected yogi finds himself in time.4-3

*50.Not the ultimate happiness of peace= There is no happiness more sublime thanpeace

*51.Even when the chicken is hidden the red still rises= Hiding the hen cannot stop thesun from rising

*52.What about giving oil in the lamp of Nirvana?= What use is putting oil in a lamp,where the flame is put out? Locking the stable after the horse is stolen.

*53.Even castor oil grows in a deserted country= In a plant-less desert, evena shrub of castor looks like a (banyan) tree.

*54.The world is the grass of the desireless= To a person, who has transcended alldesires, the whole world is but a blade of grass.

*55.The steadfast do not desist from a certain purpose= The determined never halt untilthey achieve their goals

*56.Where is the happiness of the poor =Can a poor be happy?

*57.The state goes down and up in the order of the wheel and the wheel= Our conditions gocyclically up and down like the spokes of a wheel. See #35 also.

*58.The suffering of others is cool= Other's sorrow is cool (is no sorrow).

*59.This body is for the benefit of others= This body is for service unto others

*60.Wisdom in teaching others= Sporting wisdom in advising others

*61.The glories of the virtuous for the benefit of others= Lives of the noble are for gracing others

*62.Kajjal does not turn white after washing it again and again= You may wash coal againand again, but it will never become white.

*63.The mind is different from body to body= Many people, many minds. Literally,every brain has a different mind. This line is actually the beginning of aProverb. The other lines are fresh milk in a pot. They were born with new behavior and new voices in their mouths. meaning "every pond has different water, every community has its own rituals, every mouth has different speech.

*64.The lamp of knowledge is lit= Lamp of knowledge is lit

*65.Fly drop at first bite= Find a fly in the first sip.

*66.The three gems on earth are water food and a good proverb= There are only three true jewels - water, food and good sayings. This line is actually the firstline of a proverb. The other line is Fools call bits of stone as jewels.

*67.A dull ear is better than a deaf one= A person slow of hearing is betterthan a deaf.

*68.For the benefit of many people and the happiness of many people= For the good of many, for happiness ofmany.

*69.The earth of many gems= Earth is a treasure of jewels.

*70.Children's crying is strength= Crying is the strength (weapon) of children(to get, what they want).

*71.Intelligence is action-oriented= Actions cultivate the intellect.

*72.The strength of one who has intelligence= He is strong, who has intelligence. "Pen ismightier than the sword" sounds synonymous.

*73.Let us hear with our ears the good fortune, O gods= Gods! May we get to listen onlygood things by our ears!! The Shaanti-mantra of many stotras, e.g.श्रीगणपत्यथर्वशीर्षम् and others, especially those corollary to Atharva-Vedabegin with this phrase. The next phrase is ॐ भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राःmeaning "May we get to see, after our prayers, only good and benevolentthings by our eyes". These two phrases bring to mind idols of three monkeysone having eyes shut, another having ears shut and the third having mouthshut."

*74.There are doors to the future everywhere= Providence provides doors allover.

*75.For the world has different tastes= People have different tastes. This fact ofdifference in tastes has been very beautifully employed by the great poet Kālidāsa in Mālavikāgnimitra saying, "The sages consider this sacrifice to be the most dear to the demigods. When Lord Śiva transformed this sacrifice into two parts, he divided it into two parts. " meaning, "The Muni's say, (a drama) is a divineceremony very dear to Gods. By his communion with Uma, Rudra put it forth into two aspects (laasya and taaNDava) by division of his own body. Likes anddislikes of people are seen to be different as they show different shades ofthe three characteristics (sattva, rajas and tamas). Yet a (good) dramawould give enjoyment to all."

*76.Honey remains on the tip of the tongue but halahala in the heart= Has honey on the tip ofthe tongue, but poison in the heart.

*77.The mind should be purified= Act by your own discretion.

*78.There is no movement of desires= Dreams know no holds.

*79.Death is the nature of the embodied= Death is natural to everyone born. A goodway to give solace to those bereaved by the death of near and dear ones.See, also in Srimad Bhagavad Gita, "Jatasya hi dhruvo mrityuḥ ... ॥2-27॥ meaning,"what is born, will die.

*80.The path by which the great man has gone= Two different meanings of this. (1) Greatare those who followed this path (2) That should be the path, by which thegreat ones went. In meaning (1) "this path" means the path in search of theultimate truth. This quotation is Yudhishthir's answer to one of the 30-oddquestions asked by Yaksha the यक्षप्रश्नाः

*81.All efforts made on the path bear fruit= Once efforts are undertaken, theywill succeed. "Try and try forever and you will succeed."

*82.Be the mother goddess= Be one who would respect mother as God. I wouldconsider Mother Goddess i.e. Matrudeva: as a compound word Mata eva devah yasmai saḥ(fourth plural compound)

*83.Become the god of the fathers= As above, "Be one who would respect father as God"

*84.Acharyadevo Bhava= As above, "Be one who would respect teacher thepreceptor as God"

*85.Be a guest god= As above, "Be one who would respect a guest (anuninvited guest also) as God" Atithi: is actually Tithih na (asti) yasya saḥ -(n plural compound) one who does not come by an appointment, so Atithi: = uninvited guest

*86.A fool is a persuasive mind= Fools (people of low intellect) will onlyfollow. Only intelligent one can lead.

*87.For the soft is humiliated= Softness is encompassing. Most true of softnessof speech. Have harsh words ever helped anybody?

*88.Silence is the means of all purposes= Silence is golden

*89.As the seed, so the sprout= As you sow, sow you reap.

* king and subjects= As the king, so the subjects. Almost identicalis king cause of time= Responsibility will finally vest with king (thechief executive) In Srimad Bhagavad Gita also "Whatever the best of men does that is what others follow. That is the authority of the world. 3-2

*91.Whatever it is, it will be= Garbage in garbage out. Last phrase in aProverb "A monkey drinks wine and is bitten by a scorpion. There are ghosts in the midst of it. meaning Think of a monkey, gets drunk, is bitten by a scorpion and isfurther afflicted by a ghost.. the result is anybody's guess!

*92.Whatever he says= Speaks whatever!

*93.The beggar growls like a dog when he sees the beggar= Like dogs, a beggarpurrs at another beggar. There is another proverb The crow calls the crows but the beggar calls the beggars. Between a crow and a beggar it is better for a crow not to beg meaning, "A crow crowsto call other crows. But one beggar does not call another. Between crows andbeggars, the crow seems to be the better ones!"

*94.For as the seed is sown, so is the fruit reaped= As you sow, sow you reap.

*95.He who is active is a wise man= One who exemplifies by own conduct isreally the knowledgeable.

*96.The story of war is entertaining = "War-stories are entertaining. What if youhave to yourself go to the battle-front?

*97.In whatever way he may become a famous man= Do anything to becomeknown? The previous line is Ghatam bhindyat patam chindyat kuryadwarasabhadhvanim break the pots, tear the clothes or bray like a donkey. ... Doanything to become known

*98.The additive is rare there= Good managers are rare.

*99.The king is the cause of time= Responsibility will finally vest with king(the chief executive)

*100.Vande Mataram= I bow to Mother

*101.Speaker in the tens of thousands= One in ten thousand may be a good speaker

*102.What poverty in words= Why have poverty in speech?

*103.The learned are worshiped everywhere= The magi are respected everywhere. Lastphrase in a proverb where it is also mentioned Raja poojyate deshe meaning,a king is respected in his own country

*104.Wealth of knowledge is the chief of all wealth= Wealth of knowledge is the mostprecious wealth

*105.The opposite mind at the time of destruction= In bad times, all discretion is lost.

*106.Cheating on cheating= Tit for tat

*107.The body is indeed the first means of righteousness= Doing any good work demands, first andforemost, physical fitness

*108.Character is the supreme ornament= Character is the most precious ornament. Thiswas the motto of our high school in Jamkhandi. Last phrase in a Proverb"The adornment of wealth is goodness, and the restraint of speech is courage.

*109.May those paths be auspicious= May you have a safe journey. KaNva muneeto Shakuntala in Abhijnana Shakuntala

*110.Good luck to you= May everything be fine

*111.Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood= Inscription on India's emblem. Go to the month of the untruth ... do not go to the truth from the untruth

*112.Truth is the ornament of the neck= Truth is the right ornament for the throat(neck). Part of a Proverb

*113.Happiness is taught to the other= Easier said than done. Marathi saying "Brahmajnana with people"

(Video) Sanskrit | Wikipedia audio article

*114.Collection is the accomplishment= Together we prosper. Panchatatra story ofBirds caught in a net fly carrying the net itself

*115.Nature is difficult to transgress= Basic character is difficult to change."Habits die hard"! Marathi proverb "Though sumbha burns, the yolk does not burn."

*116. There is no eye equal to knowledge. 277/36.


What is a famous Sanskrit proverb? ›

In this post, I present some interesting Old Sanskrit proverbs I found: “Aathmachitram Na Jananti ParachidranusariNa:” They no not know their own defects, who search for the defects of others. “AthiDanadata: Karnasthvatilobhathsuyodhana: ; Athikamadhshagrivasthvati Sarvatra Varjayeth”

What is a powerful Sanskrit quote? ›

यत् भावो – तत् भवति – You become what you believe. ब्रह्म सत्यं – जगन्मिथ्या – Brahman is the only truth. The world is unreal. न कदापि खंडितः Never broken.

How do you say great people never delay their duties in sanskrit? ›

02/8Duty. न कालमतिवर्तन्ते महान्तः स्वेषु कर्मसु । na kālamativartante mahāntaḥ sveṣu karmasu । Meaning: Great people never delay their duties.

How do you say nothing is permanent in Sanskrit? ›

न कंचित् शाश्वतम् (Nothing is Permanent)

What are the 3 famous works written in Sanskrit? ›

During this period a vast literature -Vedas, Brahmana-Granthas, Aranyakas, Upanishads and Vedangas had come to existence which could be termed as Vedic Literature being written in Vedic Sanskrit.

What is the most famous Sanskrit text? ›

Ṛg. veda. The Ṛg. veda, the first and oldest of the four Vedas, is the foundation for the others.

What is humble Sanskrit quotes? ›

“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” — Confucius. नमन्ति फलिनो वृक्षा नमन्ति गुणिनो जनाः । शुष्ककाष्ठ्ठश्च मूर्खश्च न नमन्ति कदाचन ॥

What is the Sanskrit phrase for God? ›

Bhagavan (Sanskrit: भगवान्, romanized: Bhagavān; Pali: Bhagavā), also spelt Bhagwan (sometimes translated in English as "Lord","God"), is an epithet within Indian religions used to denote figures of religious worship.

What are Sanskrit peace words? ›

शान्तिः (śāntiḥ)। शान्तिः (śāntiḥ)। Peace is called शान्तिः in Sanskrit. शमम् (śamam), शामनम् (śāmanam) are some similar words for peace in Sanskrit.

What is disrespect in Sanskrit? ›

अपमान करणे (apmān karṇe, “to disrespect”) अपमानास्पद (apmānāspad, “disrespectful”)

What is the Sanskrit word for unstoppable? ›

A juggernaut (/ˈdʒʌɡərnɔːt/ ( listen)), in current English usage, is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as merciless, destructive, and unstoppable. This English usage originated in the mid-nineteenth century and was adapted from the Sanskrit word Jagannath.

What is the Sanskrit word for successful person? ›

सफलता। सफलता। Success is called सफलता (saphalatā) in Sanskrit. स्वस्तिः (svastiḥ), साफल्यः (sāphalyaḥ), वर्धनः (vardhanaḥ), सिद्धीः (siddhīḥ) are the synonyms for success.

What is the Sanskrit word for pure soul? ›

Ātman, sometimes spelled without a diacritic as atman in scholarly literature, means "real Self" of the individual, "innermost essence." While often translated as "soul," it is better translated as "self."

What is ignorant in Sanskrit? ›

Avidyā is a Sanskrit word whose literal meaning is ignorance, misconceptions, misunderstandings, incorrect knowledge, and it is the opposite of Vidya.

What is the Sanskrit word for eternity? ›

The Sanskrit word, 'Akshaya' means 'eternal, the never diminishing sense of happiness, success and joy while the word 'Tritiya' means 'third'. Akshaya... |

What is the most beautiful Sanskrit word? ›

30 Beautiful Sanskrit Words
  • Shakti — Devine energy, kundalini energy.
  • Shanti (śāntiḥ) — Perfect Peace.
  • Shantiprema — Peace & love.
  • Sundaram — Devine beauty.
  • Swagatam — Welcome!
  • Swaha — we are one Tat Tvam Asi — thou art that.
  • Tathasthu —So be it, and so it is!

What is beautiful eyes called in Sanskrit? ›

चारुनेत्र Charunetra: This means "beautiful-eyed". It is a combination of the Sanskrit words charu, meaning "beautiful", and netra, meaning "eye". This word is often used to describe someone with stunningly beautiful eyes.

What is the powerful word in Sanskrit? ›

Ishwari: meaning “powerful or a Goddess”.

What is the oldest text in Sanskrit known to us today? ›

The earliest attested Sanskrit text is the Rigveda, a Hindu scripture from the mid- to late-second millennium BCE.

What is the most important Vedic text? ›

The Rig Veda is the earliest of the four Vedas and one of the most important texts of the Hindu tradition. It is a large collection of hymns in praise of the gods, which are chanted in various rituals.

Which language uses most Sanskrit words? ›

  • Pure Hindi may have the most Sanskrit Vocabulary.
  • But today's Hindi is no way near to Pure Hindi.
  • As a Kannada Speaker myself I can tell that Sanskrit has a heavy influence over Kannada. But it's nearly impossible to find the exact sanskrit level in any language. ...
  • This would only provide rough picture.

What is the Sanskrit quote for happiness? ›

चित्ते प्रसन्ने भुवनं प्रसन्नं चित्ते विषण्णे भुवनं विषण्णम् । अतोऽभिलाषो यदि ते सुखे स्यात् चित्तप्रसादे प्रथमं यतस्व ॥ If the mind is happy, the entire world (seems) happy. If the mind is despondent, the entire world (seems) despondent.

What is the Sanskrit saying for happiness? ›

Sukha (Pali and Sanskrit: सुख) means happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss.

What is the Sanskrit proverb on silence? ›

Silence in Sanskrit is “mouna.” And the proverb goes, “Mouna kalakanasti.” Kalakam means: problems or quarrels. Nasti means: don't exist. So, the translation is: “If you are silent, you won't have quarrels.” That means only by talking do we create more problems.

How do you say Jesus in Sanskrit? ›

Yesu (or Yeshu) — the Sanskrit name of Jesus.

What does Yahweh mean in Sanskrit? ›

The common thread is one word – Yahweh, which can be found in both the Rig Veda, and in the Old Testament – the oldest Abrahamic text. In ancient Hebrew, the word meant 'God'; in ancient Sanskrit, it meant a great force, or an epithet for a divine being.

What is the Sanskrit word for Gods love? ›

Prema is a Sanskrit word meaning "love" or "affection." Rather than selfish love (kama), prema refers to a divine love or higher love, related to God or some form of spiritual pursuit.

What are the Sanskrit words for life? ›

जीवनम्। Sanskrit word for life is जीवनम् (jīvanam)

What is the Sanskrit word for blessing? ›

Ashirwad' is a Sanskrit word, meaning 'blessing, benediction' or just 'good wishes' from an elder.

What are Sanskrit words for hope? ›

hope - Meaning in Sanskrit
  • संप्रतीक्षा+1.
  • आशा
  • आशस्(fem)

What is the Sanskrit word for evil? ›

Adharma is the Sanskrit antonym of dharma. It means "that which is not in accord with the dharma". Connotations include betrayal, discord, disharmony, unnaturalness, wrongness, evil, immorality, unrighteousness, wickedness, and vice.

What is curse in Sanskrit? ›

Vṛddhi derivative of the root शप् (śap, “to curse”).

What is the Sanskrit word for humble? ›

'viniti', Sanskrit: संनति, lit. 'samniti, humility towards', and the concept amanitvam, listed as the first virtue in the Bhagwad Gita. Amanitvam is a fusion word for "pridelessness" and the virtue of "humility". Other related concepts are namrata (नम्रता), which means modest and humble behavior.

What is Sanskrit word for strength? ›

बलः। बलः। Sanskrit word for strength is बलः (balaḥ). सामर्थ्यः (sāmarthyaḥ), ऊर्जः (ūrjaḥ) are the similar words.

What is the Sanskrit word for courage? ›

Borrowed from Sanskrit साहसी (sāhasī). See also साहस (sāhas, “bravery”).

What is brave called in Sanskrit? ›

Popularity: IPA: breɪvSanskrit: ब्रेव / ब्रैव

What is Sanskrit word for one who knows everything? ›

सर्वविद् ⇄ one who knows everything. sanskrit.

What is the Sanskrit word for positive energy? ›

Vīrya (Sanskrit; Pāli: viriya) is a Buddhist term commonly translated as "energy", "diligence", "enthusiasm", or "effort". It can be defined as an attitude of gladly engaging in wholesome activities, and it functions to cause one to accomplish wholesome or virtuous actions. Translations of. vīrya.

What is victory called in Sanskrit? ›

Borrowed from Sanskrit जय (jaya, “victory”).

What is the best Sanskrit quote for happy? ›

चित्ते प्रसन्ने भुवनं प्रसन्नं चित्ते विषण्णे भुवनं विषण्णम् । अतोऽभिलाषो यदि ते सुखे स्यात् चित्तप्रसादे प्रथमं यतस्व ॥ If the mind is happy, the entire world (seems) happy. If the mind is despondent, the entire world (seems) despondent.

What are the famous things written in Sanskrit? ›

Among the best-known masterworks of Sanskrit literature are the poems and plays of Kalidasa, the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, including the Bhagavad-gita which constitutes a section of the latter, and the Upanishads.

What is the best Sanskrit quote for success? ›

"उद्योगिनं पुरुषसिंहं उपैति लक्ष्मीः दैवं हि दैवमिति कापुरुषा वदंति। दैवं निहत्य कुरु पौरुषं आत्मशक्त्या यत्ने कृते यदि न सिध्यति न कोऽत्र दोषः।।"

What is the Sanskrit line for peace? ›

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. This Sanskrit mantra is an invocation of peace that can be chanted as its own or as an addition to any other mantra. It simply means Om Peace Peace Peace.

What is the Sanskrit word for new life? ›

Saṃsāra (Devanagari: संसार) is a Pali/Sanskrit word that means "world". It is also the concept of rebirth and "cyclicality of all life, matter, existence", a fundamental belief of most Indian religions. Popularly, it is the cycle of death and rebirth.

What is the oldest known Sanskrit text? ›

The earliest attested Sanskrit text is the Rigveda, a Hindu scripture from the mid- to late-second millennium BCE.

What is Sanskrit quotes for positive energy? ›

सुखमापतितं सेव्यं दु:खमापतितं तथा । चक्रवत् परिवर्तन्ते दु:खानि च सुखानि च ॥ Enjoy the pleasure of the happiness that comes in life and in the same way, accept the sorrow that comes in life.

What is the best Sanskrit quotes on hard work? ›

यथा ह्येकेन चक्रेण न रथस्य गतिर्भवेत्। एवं परुषकारेण विना दैवं न सिद्ध्यति।। Just like a Chariot cannot Move with one Wheel, We cannot attain our Destiny without Hardwork or Effort.

What is the Sanskrit mantra for abundance? ›

Om Namoh Lakshmi, Om Namoh Lakshmi, Om Namoh Lakshmi, Prema Devi Mataji. This mantra calls on the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi for abundance, beauty, health, luminosity, and love.

What is the Sanskrit words wisdom? ›

Wisdom is called विवेकः in Sanskrit. धीरता (dhīratā), विद्वत्ता (vidvattā) are some similar words for Wisdom.

What is the Sanskrit line for karma? ›

अचोद्यमानानि यथा, पुष्पाणि फलानि च। स्वं कालं नातिवर्तन्ते, तथा कर्म पुरा कृतम्


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