Sanskrit Proverbs - 04 - Wiktionary (2023)

Just as cows of different colors and forms give milk of the same color (white), so different sects teach the same essence.
Etad Vidyat Samasena Lakshanam Sukh-Dukhayo: ॥ The things which are not in one's control are associated with sorrow, but staying happy is in one's hands. How can a lazy person get knowledge? If there is no knowledge of earth, then money will not be available.
If there is no money then who will be your friend? And if there is no friend then how to experience happiness.
, Service is the ultimate religion ||
There is little knowledge of words beyond infinity, and there are many obstacles to life. Just as milk in the middle of water is removed by swans, so the essence of the body is removed by the swans.
There are many scriptures to read and knowledge is limitless. You are short of time and there are many obstacles. Just as a swan takes milk out of water, in the same way one should understand the essence of those scriptures.

Subhashita 211

Quarrels end in hammers and friendships in bad words
Nations end in evil and men's fame ends in evil deeds
Quarrels break up families. Friendship is broken by using wrong words. Bad rulers destroy the nation. Fame runs away from doing bad deeds. Durlabham trayamevaitat devanugrahhetukam.
To become a human being and to seek liberation is to take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Human birth, the desire for liberation and the cohabitation of great men depend on the grace of God.
For those who seek happiness, where is knowledge? For those who seek knowledge, where is happiness? A person who pursues happiness will not attain knowledge.
And the person who wants to get knowledge sacrifices happiness.
How will one who runs after happiness get knowledge? And the one who wants to get knowledge, how will he get happiness?

Subhashit No.214

One should do that during the day so that one can live happily at night.
As long as he lives, he should do whatever he can to live happily after death. Do something during the day that will help you sleep peacefully at night.
Similarly, do something throughout your life that will bring happiness after death, that is, good fortune.

Subhashit 215

Uparjitaanam vittanaam tyaga eva hi raksanam tadagodarasansthanam parivahaam ivambhasamThe sacrifice of earned wealth is the only way to protect it.Just as the water of a pond keeps it clean by keeping it flowing.
A wicked person sees only the bilva trees in his body but does not see them. A wicked person sees many faults inside others, but he does not see them as great as the bilva leaves inside himself. Charity, enjoyment and destruction are the three modes of material wealth.
A person who does not give and does not enjoy is in the third stage There are three ways in which wealth can be spent
Donation, consumption and destruction.
The person who does not donate and does not consume it, his wealth gets destroyed.

Subhashit no. 218

The kinds of people he enters with and the kinds of people he serves.
यादृगिछेच्च भाविटुं तदःग्भावति पूरुषः ॥ The kind of people he lives with, the kind of people he serves, the kind of people he wants to become, so he becomes.

Subhashita 219

The virtuous knows the virtues of others but the devoid of virtues the strong does not know the strength of the weak. Not without strength. When spring comes, the cuckoo recognizes it, not the crow. The elephant recognizes the strength of the lion, not the rat.

Subhashit 220

A friend without virtue is better than an enemy with virtues.The enemy is the enemy after all.
A grain of clay that rises up even when it is crushed by the feet is better than a man who remains silent even when he is insulted.
That friend where there is trust is the country where one lives. A good wife who speaks in a sweet voice brings happiness and joy. s. s. Few recognize the virtues of others.
There are few people who have relation with the poor.
There are few who get engrossed in the work of others and there are few who get sad seeing the sorrow of others.
Health, learning, friendship with the righteous, and birth in a great family.
Independence cha punsa mahadaishwaryam vinapyarthe: ॥ Health, learning, friendship with gentlemen, birth in a noble family, not being dependent on others, all these are the wealth of men even if they do not have wealth.

Subhashit 226

Let there be no doubt that time is the cause of the king or the king is the cause of time. The king is the cause of time. Time is the cause of the king. There is no doubt that the king is the cause of time

Subhashit 227

Not a single moment of life is worth all the jewels.
That which leads to uselessness is very great. Even if one gives away all the precious stones, one cannot recover even a single moment of one’s life.
What a big mistake they are making, who are spending the moments of such life unnecessarily.

Subhashit 228

The ant can travel slowly for a thousand yojanas.
Even Vainateya, who is coming, does not move even one step. If the ant moves, it can slowly move even a thousand yojanas.
But if Garuda does not move from the place, then he cannot move forward even a step.

Subhashit 229

A girl chooses appearance, mother, wealth, father, hearing, relatives, family, sweet food, others, at the time of marriage, a girl wants a beautiful husband His mother wants a wealthy son-in-law. His father wants a wise son-in-law. And his brothers want to be related to a good family. But everyone else wants only good food.

Subhashit 230

Meaning comes and goes and is found and never comes again and again but what has gone is found and lost (After being destroyed) it is found again.But youth once goes out never comes back.Hope is a wonderful horn of human beings.
There is a strange and astonishing series of stories called Āśā, in which those who are bound by the Supreme Personality of Godhead run away.
Those who are bound by it keep running hither and thither and those who are free from it keep standing at the same place with a calm mind like a cripple.
Even if one studies the scriptures, he becomes a fool, but a person who is active is a learned person.
Those who are afflicted with well thought out medicines do not in name alone cure them Even after studying the scriptures people remain foolish
But the one who is creative is a scholar in true sense.
Medicine prescribed to a patient only with good intentions cannot cure the patient.
That patient can be cured only by taking that medicine according to the rules.

Subhashita 233

One should carefully preserve his occupation and his wealth.
He was depleted of wealth, depleted of prosperity, and killed. Vidurniti Man should protect the virtue with diligence, finance comes and goes.
A person who is weak due to wealth is not actually weak, but a person who is devoid of goodness is inferior.

Subhashita 234

Wealth obtained by the suffering of others and by violating religion and by insulting oneself is not for happiness. Mahabharata Wealth obtained by causing suffering to others, violating religion or enduring insult to oneself does not bring happiness. I know that religion is not my instinct.
Janamyadharma na ca me nivrttiḥ Duryodhana says "It is not that I did not know what is Dharma and Adharma.
But even after this, it did not become my tendency to walk on the path of righteousness and I could not even retire from the path of unrighteousness.
"Akritva parasantapan agatva khalsansadam anutsrajya satanvartama yadalpampi tadbahudhu without giving pain to others; without making our association with vikriti; without severing our association with the good; whatever little we walk on the path of dharma is sufficient.

Subhashit 237

Paropadesha pandityam sarvesham sukaram nrunam dharme sviyamanushtanam kaschit sumahatmana:It is very simple to show one's wisdom by preaching to others.But only a great person can behave in that way (according to religion). If the enemy who kills you begs for forgiveness, he should not be forgiven He should eliminate it thinking that he may harm his life.Subhashita 239 Neh chatyanta samvasa: karhichit kenachit saha.
O King, what to speak of one’s own body, such as one’s wife, children and others? Srimad Bhagavatam O King Dhritarashtra! Never in this world, no one has an eternal relationship with anyone.
One cannot even enjoy one’s own body, let alone one’s wife and son. They say that the senses are superior to the senses, and that the mind is superior to the senses.
Gita 3:42 Beyond the senses is the mind, beyond the mind is the intelligence, and beyond the intelligence is the soul.

Subhashit 241

Vahedamitram skandhena yavatkalaviparyaya: athaivamagate kale bhindyad ghatamivashmaniWhen time is opposite, then the enemy should also be lifted on his shoulders.When the favorable time comes, he should be destroyed, as a pot is broken on a stone.

Subhashit 242

Camels and weddings sing a song and donkeys praise each other Oh the beautyOh the sound:The donkeys are singing at the camel wedding.They are both praising each other Wow what a look (of the camel), wow what a voice (of the donkey). Camels have no signs of beauty, nor do donkeys have a good voice But some people never see what is best Such people thus praise what is not worthy of praiseApuryamanamachalpratistham samudramapa: pravishanti yadvat.
Gita 2|70 A person who remains unmoved by the hopes that arise in his mind from time to time is like many rivers that do not rise in the water of the ocean even when they meet in the ocean, he remains calm and such a person is happy may be.Friendship, compassion, joyful expectations.Happiness and suffering, meritorious objects.Bhavanataschittaprasadana.Patanjali Yoga 1|33Blissfulness, compassion in the mind when seeing the suffering of others, feeling of joy when seeing the merit and good deeds of others, social service, etc., and someone If you have done a sinful deed, you should feel neglected and react like 'you will have done it, leave it'.

Subhashit no. 245

He does not rejoice when he is honored, nor does he become angry when he is insulted.
One who does not speak harshly in anger is considered to be the best of saintly persons. Manusmriti He who is not proud of respect, who is not angry with insult, who does not speak harshly even when angry, is the best saint.
Every day a fool comes in but not a learned man There are a hundred causes of joy for a foolish man every day and a thousand causes of sorrow But the balance of the mind of the learned is not disturbed by such small reasons.Eka kevalmarthasadhanavidhau sena shatebhyodhika nandonmulana drishtaviryamahima buddhistu ma ganammam.Background: Chanakya has uttered the above sentences. After Chanakya and Chandragupta established the 'Maurya' dynasty kingdom (defeating the Nand dynasty king), there were some difference of opinions between Chanakya and other ministers of the Kingdom Those who want to leave should also leave, no worries But let not my intellect alone, who is stronger than hundreds of armies in attaining the desired and whose glory the world has seen in the work of eradicating the Nanda Empire, leave me.

Subhashit no. 248

The night is long for one who is awake, and a yojana for one who is tired.
The life of a child is very long for those who do not know the true religious principles. A person who stays awake all night may think that the night is very long.
One who is tired of walking, even a distance of a distance of four miles seems far away.
Life seems long to those who do not have the knowledge of Saddharma.

Subhashit no. 249

Through the words “give me,” the five demigods are situated in the body.
By chanting the word ‘de’, the five demigods, intelligence, shame, wealth, brightness and fame, who are situated in the body, immediately leave the body.
Subhashita 250 Yadyat paravasham karmam tat tad yatnaena varjayet yadyadatmavasham tu syat tat tat sevet yatnata: Avoid work in which I have to take the help of others.

Subhashit 251

Sarvam paravasham dukkham sarvamatmavasham sukham etadvidyaat samasena laksanam sukhadukkhayo: Being dependent on others is the cause of suffering in every way.Being self-reliant is the cause of happiness in every way.Summary, keep these causes of happiness–suffering in mind and the beloved speaker.
The householder should leave the house and go to the forest because there is no difference between his house and the forest! Even if one is in the process of giving up one’s life, one should not do anything that is not done.
Na cha kartyam parityajyam esh dharmaḥ sanatanaḥ ॥ The work which is not worth doing, because of not being good, should not be done even by giving life.
And the work that has to be done, because it is our duty, we should not stop doing that work even if we have to give our life.

Subhashit 254

When a person meditates on the objects of his senses, he becomes attached to them.
From association comes lust, and from lust comes anger. Bhagavad-gītā 2|62 Meditating on sense objects leads to attachment to them. This attachment gives birth to lust, and lust gives birth to anger.

Subhashit 254

Natyanta gunavat kincit na chapyatyantanirgunam ubhayam sarvakaryeshu drshyate There is no work that is absolutely good or good.There is no action that is absolutely bad.There are good and bad qualities in every action.
On the other hand, it is the protection of the life of those who are afraid of disease. According to the Mahabharata, sacrifices performed by giving good alms to all in accordance with the prescribed rituals are equally pious.
Like a mother, she is attached to other people’s wives and other people’s property.
A person who is endowed with religious principles sees all living entities as his own self. He regards other women as his mother, other people’s property as dust, and all other living entities as his own.
This is the true sign of religion.

Subhashit 257

Ya: svabhavo hi yasyasti sa nityam duratikrama: shva yadi kriyate raja tat kin nashnatyupanaham whose whatever nature he has, he always remains the same.Even if a dog is made king, he does not forget the habit of chewing his shoes.

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Subhashit 258

Natyuchchashikharo merurnatinicham rasatalaam vyavasyadvitiyaanam natyaparo mahoddhi: A man who takes the help of industry (depends on his own efforts), has no mountain peak high, no bottom of the earth low, and no ocean insurmountable

Subhashita 259

A wicked person should be avoided, even if he is not adorned with knowledge.
Is this snake adorned with a jewel not very dangerous? A wicked person, even if he is not adorned with knowledge, should be kept away.
A snake adorned with a gem, isn't it terrifying?

Subhashit 260

Happiness that falls is to be served, and pain that falls is to be served.
Like a wheel, both pain and pleasure revolve around the universe. r Mahabharata Enjoy the happiness that comes in life, , and also accept the suffering.
Happiness and distress come and go in a cyclical manner, one after another.
The learned are better than the wealthy, the learned are better than the businessmen, and the illiterate are better than those who read scriptures.
The one who understands the scriptures more than him is the best.
More enlightened than those who understand the scriptures and more elevated than those who use the knowledge obtained from the scriptures.
The movement of birds in the sky is similar to that of both wings.
In the same way the Supreme Abode is attained by knowledge and action 1|1|7 Just as a bird can fly high in the sky by the base of two wings, so man can attain Parabrahma by knowledge and action.

Subhashit 263

One should not reveal with words the actions contemplated by the mind.
Do not tell others what you have planned in your mind because it does not lead to success
The work does not become successful if others know about it.
Breaking of movement, loss of voice, sweating on the body, and great fear.
Death means chi*nani tani chi*nani yachke. Losing balance while walking, loss of voice while speaking, loss of sweat and being very fearful, these symptoms of a dying man are visible even to the petitioner.
Service, hearing, grasping and holding.
The eight parts of intelligence are the desire to hear, to hear directly, to grasp, to remember, to reason, to determine principles, to know the meaning and to know the truth.
The two-syllable is death, and the three-syllable is eternal Brahma.
'Mama' iti cha bhavet mṛtyur, 'namam' iti cha shaśvatam.Mahabharata Shantiparva Mrityu is a two-letter word and Brahma, which is eternal, is three-letter.
'Mam' is also a two-syllable word similar to death and 'Namam' is a three-syllable word like eternal Brahm.

Subhashit 267

Ravirapi na dahati tadrug yadrik sandahati valukanikar: anyasmallabdhapado nich: prayena du:saho bhavati The burning of heated sand is more than the sunlight.(In the same way) a lowly man who has grown up with the help of others gives more trouble.

Subhashit 268

Sometimes a bed on the ground Sometimes a couch Sometimes a vegetarian Sometimes a taste for rice Sometimes a necklace Sometimes a divinely dressed mindful worker He does not count suffering or pleasure Sometimes gold on the ground Sometimes in bed.Sometimes eating vegetables Sometimes bread–rice Person Being totally absorbed in their work, they have no interest in such external pleasures and pains.

Subhashit 269

Rāma is the jewel of kings. He always triumphs. I worship Rāma, the Lord of Rāma. Rāma has defeated the army of the night-rangers. I offer my respectful obeisances unto Rāma. There is no other devotee of Rāma. Ramaraksha Stotra Rajashiromani,,,,,,,, ,I pray to Ramapati Rama who is always victorious.
Salutations to Rama, the destroyer of demons.
Nothing is more important than Ram, I am the servant of Ram.
My mind is engrossed in Ram, O Ram, save me. This verse is in the Ramarakshastotra composed by Rishi Budhkaushik.
The specialty of this verse is that all the eight inflections of the word Ram have been used in it.

Subhashit 270

The speed of the mind is as fast as the wind, and the senses are conquered, and the intelligent are superior.
I take shelter of the son of the wind, the chief of the monkeys, the messenger of Lord Śrī Rāma. Ramaraksha Stotra Another verse from Ramaraksha.
By good conduct one obtains the Hmyu, and by good conduct the subjects desire it.
Acharadhanamakshayaam Acharao hantyalaksanam ॥Manu|4|156 Good behavior leads to long life, excellent offspring, long prosperity and also the destruction of one’s own faults.
Where a family is quickly destroyed, the in-laws lament.
Where these do not grieve and are pleased with me) it always increases 3|57 A family in which a woman (mother, wife, sister, daughter) is unhappy is destroyed and a family in which she is happy is prosperous.

Subhashit 273

Apraktikritashakti: shaktopi janastiraskriyan labhte nivasannantardaruni langhyo v*inrna tu jvalit: The strength of a strong man is neglected until he shows it.No one is afraid of wood, but when the same wood starts burning, people are afraid of it.

Subhashita 274

Viklavo viryahino ya: sa daivamanuvartate veera: sambhavitaatmano na daivam paryupaste A man without strength who does not have confidence in himself relies on fate. A strong and self-respecting man does not care about fate.
Tatha Grihasthamashritya Vartante Sarva Ashrama: ॥ Manu| 3|77 Just as everyone's life in this world depends on air, in the same way all the ashrams of human life depend on the home.
Narikelasamakara _syantepi hi sajnaḥ.
अन्ये बदरिकाश बहिरेव मानोहरः Good people are like coconut but bad people are like plum, only they look beautiful from outside but from inside they are torturously hard.

Subhashit 277

Vrttam yatnaena sanrakshed vittamayati yati cha akshino vittata: kshino vruttatastu hato hata: A man should diligently preserve his virtue (not his wealth).Wealth can be earned and lost.A rich but virtuous man is like a dead man.

Subhashita 278

Tarkae pratishtha: shrutayo various Naiko muniryasya vaca: pramana dharmasya tattvam nihitam guhayam mahajano yena gata: sa pantha: Logic is very fickle.Every scripture gives a different command.Every sage has a different opinion, and no one sage is more worthy than another The path followed by great personalities is the right path.

Subhashita 279

A truthful person sleeps happily and a frugal person sleeps happily.
He should eat well and moderately, and he should also control his senses. Charaka One who speaks the truth, spends modestly, eats wholesome food in the necessary proportions, and who has conquered the senses, sleeps peacefully.
One should abandon the desire for wealth, which is devoid of religion.
Religion also brings happiness and deprivation to the world One should renounce wealth and the desires of the mind which are contrary to religious principles
Not only this, it would not be inappropriate to renounce even that religion which can create trouble in the future and which can prove to be unfavorable for any society.
They are full of faith and devotion and are not attached to any other activity.
Vagyataḥ śuchayāścaiva śrūtarāḥ punyaśalinah ॥ A worthy listener is one who has faith and devotion, whose aim is only to gain knowledge and nothing else, and who has control over his speech and who is pure in mind.

Subhashit 282

Bhede gana: vinshyeyu: bhinnastu sujaya: parai: tasmat sanghatayogena prayateran gana: sada If there is no unity in a republic, it is destroyed, because if there is no unity, it is easier for the enemy to destroy it.Therefore, the republic should always be one. Subhashita 283 Every man is skilled in showing the faults of others.He either does not see his own faults, or he ignores them.Subhashita 284 Gauravam prapyate danat na tu From the accumulation of wealth.
The position of the highest is that of the milk-bearers, and the lowest of the milk-bearers. One who gives charity does not gain glory by accumulating wealth.
The place of water-giving clouds is high, but the place of the ocean that collects water is below.
Subhashita 285 Never before has there been any news of the golden eagle nor has it ever been seen
Yet at the time of destruction Rama's thirst for Rama was reversed He had never heard of or seen the golden deer before Rama became greedy for him
Indeed, at the time of destruction, one’s mind is opposite to that of others.
ययास्योद्विजते वाचा नालोक्यां तमुदिरयेत ॥ Do not do any work by which he is deprived of heaven.
Karpurdhulirachitalwal: Kasturikapankanimagnanal:, Gangajalai: Siktasamulwal: Sviyam Gunam Munchati Kin Palandu: For onion plant, you can make camphor plantation, use musk instead of soil, or pour Ganga water on its roots it will not leave its stench.
It is very difficult to change human nature.

Subhashit 287

Jalabindunipatena kramash: puryate ghata: sa hetu: sarvavidyanaam dharmasya cha dhanasya chaJust as a drop by drop of water fills a pot, so knowledge, religion, and wealth are accumulated.Summary, even in small amounts, these three should not be neglected.

Subhashit 288

Servant: स्वामिनं ध्वेष्टी करपणं परुशाक्षरम आत्मनं किंस न द्वेष्टी सेव्यासेव्यं न वेट्टी य: If the master is miserly and harsh in speaking, then the servant hates him. Why doesn't it? It is human nature to find an external reason for the troubles that one experiences. Most of the reason for the objection coming on you can be found in yourself.

Subhashita 289

Unity is the strength of society and in its absence it is weak. Therefore, those who think of the national interest promote unity.

Subhashit 290

Kanchanmala kasya: daughter of Kankaltaaya: ॥ Bala, who are you? Whose daughter is Kanchanmala? What's on hand? What is written in the clapper? ख ख ग द अप्याद्धिपाननमहत: सुमरूनमूलनादपि।
Api Vahanyashanat Sadho Vishmaschittanigraha: To be the master of one's own mind is more difficult than such impossible things as drinking the water of the whole ocean, uprooting Mount Meru or eating fire.
He studied the four Vedas and all the scriptures in various ways.
One who does not know the Absolute Truth does not understand the Absolute Truth just as a potter does not understand the Absolute Truth by repeatedly studying the Vedas and scriptures.
For example, the spoon with which food is served does not get the quality and aroma of that food.
He whose mind is devoid of objects )and whose compassion is cool.
The entire universe is his friend, and his liberation is in his hands.
Whose mind is not controlled by the senses, whose heart is calm, whose friend the whole world is, such a person attains salvation easily.

Subhashit 294

I salute the Guru who opens the eyes of the blinded by the darkness of ignorance with the ointment of knowledge.

Subhashit 295

What can a wicked person do if forgiveness is a weapon in his hand?
Atrne Patito Vanhi: Swayamevopashamyati What can the evil do to the one who has the weapon of forgiveness in his hand? Agni, when it falls on a place where there is no grass, extinguishes itself.

Subhashita 296

After studying the scriptures, Meghavī became attached to knowledge and science.
Palamiva Dhanyaarthi Tyajet Sarvamsheshat: An intelligent person who has a strong desire to gain knowledge, after reading the important topics in the texts, knows the essence of that text and leaves the unnecessary things of that text, just like a farmer collects only grains.

Subhashit 297

Envy is the only step to death, and excessive speech is the killing of opulence.
The three enemies of learning are disobedience, haste, pride and enmity towards a student. This is like death.
Talking unnecessarily destroys money.
Lack of attitude to serve, haste and self-praise, these three things are the enemies of learning.

Subhashit 298

Naalasaḥ prapnuvantyarthana na shatha na ca mayinah na ca lokarvadbhita na ca śavātpratikṣinah: A lazy person can never earn money (he cannot be successful in his life). The one who wishes evil to others and deprives them, the one who is afraid of what people will say, and the one who remains idle in anticipation of good opportunities cannot earn money.

Subhashita 299

One should give charity and enjoy one’s wealth. One should not accumulate wealth. Look at the honeybees who are taking away what they have accumulated. One should give charity or enjoy it. One should not accumulate wealth. One should not accumulate wealth.

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Subhashit 300

The goddess who is white with a necklace of kunda and moon and dew, who is dressed in white, whose hands are adorned with a veena and a staff, who sits on a white lotus.
The goddess Sarasvatī, who is always worshiped by Brahmā, Acyuta, Śaṅkara and other demigods, may she protect me. She destroys all material illusion. Who is white like a necklace of kunda flowers,,, moon or,, water drops, who is dressed in white, whose hands are adorned with harp staffs and whose seat is white lotus, whom Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh etc. always worship, of wisdom May Goddess Saraswati, who completely destroys inertia, protect me.

Subhashita 301

No one should ever steal anything from others. One should never say anything that hurts the heart of another. One should remember the feet of Sri Vishnu. By doing so, one should cross the ocean of death.

Subhashita 302

He who does not tell the virtues of the wise knows the good because he himself does not tell the virtues of the foolish and does not know what is said by the milkman He will know them automatically Do not tell your virtues even to a wise man He won't be able to understand them.

Subhashita 303

Ke shavam patitam drishtava pandava harshannirbhara: rudanti kaurava: sarve ha ha ke shava ke shava stop , if you have tried to understand the meaning of this verse! It is very important to understand the correct meaning of words in Sanskrit!! Here, K and shav are different words.
˜K' means water, we have one of many meanings) so 'K' means ˜in the water'. One meaning of Pandav is 'fish' and one meaning of Kaurav is 'crow'. Therefore, the meaning of this verse is, seeing the dead body fallen in the water, the fishes were filled with joy, but all the crows started crying out of sadness, 'Oh dead body in the water'.

Subhashita 304

Even the spiritual master was unclean and did not know what to do.
Mahabharata If a respectable and excellent person forgets to distinguish between righteousness and irreligion because of personal pride or follows the wrong path, it is justice to rule over such a person.
That day is the same as the light of the sun,,,,,,,these are the dwellings of the blind days. The day spent in the service of the descendants of the Raghu dynasty, the nobles and the virtuous is the brightest.
All other days seem like darkness even though the sun is shining.

Subhashita 306

Yama, the king of Vaivasvata Manu, is situated in the )di.
ten chedavivadaste ma ganga ma kurun vraj ॥ If Lord Yama, the son of Vivasvat dwells in your mind and you do not have differences of opinion with him, then there is no need for you to go to the banks of the holy river Ganges or to the land of the Kurus to wash away your sins.

Subhashita 307

What is the use of (his good family) if a person born in a good family is not wise? Even if a wise person is not noble, even God worships him.

Subhashita 308

What’s wrong with spring when there are no leaves on a curry branch?
If the sun doesn’t even look at the sun during the day, what’s wrong with it?
The streams do not fall on the mouth of the Chatak, what is the matter with the clouds?
Who can erase what was previously written on the forehead by the law?

The curry tree is a leafless tree that comes in the desert, but leaves do not come even in the spring, what is the fault of spring in it.
The owl cannot see in the day, what is the fault of the sun in this?
If the streams of water did not fall into the beak of the chatak, then how can it be the fault of the cloud.
Means, who can change what Vidhi has written on her forehead.

Subhashita 309

It is like a traveler standing in a shadow.
विश्रम्य च पुणरगचेट तद्वद भूतसामागः ॥ Mahabharata: Just as a traveler going ahead after resting for a while under a tree, in the same way other people in their life give shade like that tree for a while and then leave their company. .

Subhashita 310

No disease, no poison, no plague, and no illness on earth, sorrow in one's own body, as in men, one's own stupidity is the root of all suffering in this world No disease, poison, no objection and no mental illness causes so much suffering.

Subhashita 311

Na vadhyante hmavisvasta balibhirdurbala api visvastastveva vadhyante balino durbalairapiThe strong man does not kill him even if he is not trustworthy.The weak man does not kill him even if the strong man is trustworthy.
Rakshanti Punyani Purakritani ॥ When we get trapped in the middle of the forest or in the middle of the battlefield or in the water or in the fire then only the good deeds of our past save us.

Subhashita 313

If you wish to subdue the universe by one action,
Stop the cow from moving about because of the insults of others. Chanakya, if you want to subdue the world by one action, then remove the tongue-like cow grazing in the paddy field of others' condemnation, that is, never condemn others The word gau: in Sanskrit has many meanings|; The proverbial writer has beautifully used the word gau: taking two meanings hmindriya jivendriya and gaya).

Subhashita 314

By serving the spiritual master, one can gain knowledge or abundant wealth.
Or Vidya Vidya Chaturtho Na Upalbhayate ॥ By serving the Guru or by giving a lot of money, you can get Vidya or you can exchange one Vidya with another Vidya, there is no fourth way to get Vidya.

Subhashita 315

Yatha khanan khanitrena naro varyadhigacchati tatha gurugatam vidyam shushrushuradhigacchatibhumime Just as the one who digs a pit from a mountain gets water, so the one who serves the teacher gets knowledge.; Proverbs 316 If there are virtues in a man, they develop themselves, for the musk-melon is not conceived by an oath (as), the smell of musk does not have to be perfected.Proverbs 317As wood and wood are united in the ocean.
Sametya cha vyapayataan tadvad bhootsamagam: ॥ Mahabharata Like two pieces of wood meet in the vast ocean and are separated by a single wave, in the same way two people come in cohabitation for a few moments and then get separated by the speed of Kalachakra.

Subhashit 318

He who has wealth is a noble man, he is a learned man, he is a learned man, he is a knower of virtues.
He is the speaker and the spectator, and all virtues rest on gold. Nitishataka He who has wealth is called noble) he is considered to be scholar, learned, recognizing virtues, speaker and spectacular That is, all virtues depend on wealth.

Subhashita 319

The giver who gives a stock or great wealth written on his forehead gets it even in the desert, no more than that on the mountains, be brave, do not waste your miserly life among the rich: Rubhoomi me bhi milega| Even if you go to Mount Meru, you will not get more than that. Be patient, do not show misery in front of the rich, see this jug can take as much water from the well or the ocean

Subhashit 320

The ocean is not requested and is always filled with water.
The ocean never begs for water, yet it is always filled with water.
If we make ourselves capable, then all the resources will automatically come to us.

Subhashita 321

A man who speaks many Vedic literatures but does not do so becomes ignorant.
Dhammapada 2|19 If a man remembers many religious verses but does not conduct himself in that manner, he is of no use.
For example, a cow herder knows the number of cows but he does not remain the owner of them.

Subhashita 322

In the forest, in battle, in the midst of Xatru water, fire, in the great ocean, or on the top of a mountain.
Pious deeds done in the past protect a person who is asleep, inattentive or in an uneasy position. Nitishataka In the battlefield in the forest, in the crowd of enemies, in water, fire, ocean or mountain peak and asleep, in a state of madness or in adverse circumstances, the previous merits of man protect him.

Subhashita 323

Time does not raise its rod and cut off anyone’s head.
कालस्य बल्मेटावत विपिटर्थर्धार्षानम् ॥Mahabharata 2|81|11 Time does not behead anyone with a weapon, but it divides the intellect, due to which a man finds the wrong path right and moves towards his destruction.
Discrimination is the power of time.

Subhashit 324

Come together, talk to each other, and let us know your minds.
Deva Bhagam Yatha Purve Sanjananana Upasate. We all walk together; spoke together; May our mind be one.
This was the behavior of the deities in ancient times, that is why they are worshipable.

Subhashita 325

A child thinks of himself as honey until his sin is digested.
Yada ca pacyate papam dukkham chatha nigacchati Dhammapada 5|6 Until sin is fully fruitful, that sinful action seems sweet.
But after being fully fruitful, man has to bear its bitter consequences.

Subhashita 326

Until then, a person who has conquered his senses will not be able to conquer his other senses.
Na jayed rasanam yavad jitam sarvam jite rase ॥श्रीमद भागवत 11|8|21 Unless a man has self-control over his varied diet, he cannot say that he has conquered all the senses.
Self-control over diet is the most important thing.

Subhashita 327

Both of them were freed from worry and overwhelmed with supreme bliss.
One who is bewildered, dull and childish, who has transcended the modes of material nature, is transcendental to the modes of material nature. Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11:9:4
One is a small child and the other is a supreme yogi.

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Subhashita 328

A man who is struck by arrows that pierce the piercing body does not suffer the same pain.
Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11:23:3 Arrows fired into the human body do not cause as much pain as harsh sounds.

Subhashita 329

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so a wise person should do what he needs to do tomorrow. No one knows what will happen to someone tomorrow, so wise people do what tomorrow will bring today.

Subhashit 330

We are satisfied in this world with our bark clothes, and you are satisfied with your clothes.
A yogī says to the king, “We are here in our āśrama, satisfied even with bark garments, while you are wearing your own silk garments.”
We are equally satisfied, there is no difference.
The one who has more thirst, he is poor.
When there is contentment in the mind, who is poor and who is rich?

Subhashita 331

Neither the holy places nor the demigods are made of clay or stone.
The saintly persons purify themselves by seeing them for a long time.Bhagavad-gītā 10|48|31 The mind of a devotee is not purified by merely seeing the holy water of rivers or the idol of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but only after prolonged meditation is the consciousness purified.
But we become pure only by seeing the saints.

Subhashita 332

A brāhmaṇa is equally peaceful and neglectful of the poor
Bhāgavatam 4|14|41 If a brāhmaṇa does not help an afflicted person because of lack of equal vision, it should be understood that his brahminhood has ceased.

Subhashita 333

If fate is the only thing in this world, what is the use of a man’s actions?
श्नणदानासोचाराण दैवमेव करिश्यति ॥ If Naseebhi is going to do your work then what is the need for you to do anything? Bathing, donating, sitting, speaking all this will make you lucky!

Subhashita 334

Even if the work is done in time, it is useful.
महदप्युपकारोपि विक्ततामेत्यकलतः ॥ If someone's small work is done at the right time, then it is beneficial.
But if done at the wrong time, even a big work is of no use.

Subhashita 335

Whoever prays for whatever purpose and for whatever purpose it happens
If a man desires something and strives tirelessly for it he will always attain it if he does not give up

Subhashita 336

Whatever the dead person has earned by his hard work, which has taken away his life, is divided among the empty.
Whatever evil deeds are committed for the sake of wealth are certainly wonderful for those whose faults have been removed. Garuda Purana The heirs of the deceased divide the wealth of the deceased among themselves.
The sin that he has accumulated due to the greed of that money goes with the sinful man, he has to suffer the consequences of sin, there is no division of sin).

Subhashit 337

A hungry mother should abandon her child, and a hungry snake should eat its egg.
Why doesn’t a person who is hungry commit a sin? People who are exhausted become merciless. Chanakya A hungry mother will give up her son A hungry snake will eat its eggs Can a hungry man not commit any sin? People depleted of hunger become ruthless.

Subhashita 338

A man is skilled in the study of the atoms and the great scriptures.
Just as a bee collects nectar from all flowers, both large and small, so a wise person should collect nectar from the scriptures.

Subhashita 339

There is no gift equal to food and water, no date equal to Dvādaśī.
There is no mantra other than the Gāyatrī mantra, nor is there any other deity besides the mother. There is no charity like giving food.
There is no holy date like Dwadashi.
Gayatri mantra is the best mantra and mother is better than all the gods.

Subhashita 340

Wherever women are worshipped, the gods enjoy them.
Where all these four principles are not worshiped, all these ritualistic ceremonies are fruitless.
But where women are condemned and they are not respected, no work is successful there.

Subhashita 341

Even in the forest, lions are hungry and do not graze on deer meat.
औव कुलिना विद्याकभूता न नीचकर्माणी समाचरंति ॥ Just like the lions who eat meat in the forest do not eat grass even when they are hungry, in the same way a person born in a high clan (well-cultured person) does not do mean things even in times of crisis.

Subhashita 342

The light of the pit shines as long as the moon does not rise.
When the moon rises in its thousandth part of the sky there is no light from the sky
But when the sun rises, there is no firefly and neither is the moon (both fade in front of the sun).

Subhashita 343

A saintly person does not give up his nature even when he is in distress.
Camphor: touched by fire gets more fragrance. A good person does not give up his nature even in an emergency, camphor creates more fragrance than the touch of fire

Subhashita 344

Action is for the purification of the mind, not for the attainment of objects.
Vastusiddhirvicharen na kinchitkarmekotibhi: ॥ Vivekchudamani Karma is for the purification of conscience, not for gaining spiritual knowledge.
Spiritual knowledge is obtained only by thinking and thinking, not by doing crores of deeds.
Good Proverbs 345Any pain caused by fatigue is experienced during the course of work.
That which is remembered in time is pleasure.There is a little pain because of the pain that occurs while working.
But if that work is remembered in the future, then there is definitely happiness.

Subhashita 346

Bhaga sits on the }dhrva of the seated and stands on the standing.
When a person lies down and sits down, his fortune moves about.
The one who remains standing, his fate also remains standing.
The one who sleeps, his fortune also sleeps and the one who starts walking, his fortune also starts moving.
That is, karma changes fate.

Subhashit 347

In adversity, patience, forgiveness in prosperity, eloquence in the assembly, and prowess in battle.
It is natural for great men to have a desire for fame, forgiveness in times of prosperity, eloquence in the household, courage in times of battle, attachment to fame and addiction to knowledge.

Subhashita 348

As long as the stomach is moving, the body is in good health.
Adhikam yobhimanyet sa steno dandamarhati ॥ Manusmriti, Mahabharata You have the right only to the amount of money that is necessary for your own nutrition.
If we put our authority on more than this, then it is a social crime and we deserve punishment.

Subhashita 349

O best of kings, you and I are both masters of the universe.
A beggar says to the king, “O King, you and I are both the lords of the worlds.
The only difference is that) I am a plural compound so you are the sixth person!”

Subhashit 350

When he does not feel good for all living beings,
Samadrishtestada punsaḥ sarvaḥ sukhmaya dishaḥ Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 9|15|15 The person who does not have ill feelings towards any living being, the person who looks at everyone with proper vision, such a person has happiness everywhere.

Subhashita 351

In autumn it does not rain, it thunders, it rains in the rains, the silent cloud: the lowly speaks, does not do, does not speak, the good people do is, does not speak.

Subhashita 352

The body is born and nourished by the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
न तयोर्यति निर्वेशं पित्रोमर्त्र्यः शतायुषा ॥ Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 10|45|5 Even a human body that has attained the age of one hundred years is not free from the debts of its parents.
It is impossible to be free from the debt of those who created and nourished the body, which is the main means of achieving the four Purusharths.

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Subhashita 353

Both immortality and death are present in the body.
From delusion one attains death, and by truth one attains immortality. O Śrī Śaṅkara-ācārya, both death and immortality reside in the same body.
Death comes by running after attachment and immortality is achieved by running after truth.

Subhashita 354

In this changing world, who is dead and not born again?
He who is born by whatever is born goes to the end of the lineage.Nitiśataka 32In this unbroken cycle of life and death, whoever dies, is he not born again? But his birth, birth is what increases the glory of his clan.

Subhashita 355

Who does not go under the control of the world filled with the body in the mouth:mrudango mukhalepen karoti madhuradhvanimmukh Who cannot be inscribed by filling it with food.Even the mrudanga makes a sweet sound by applying flour.

Subhashita 356

Sarvanashe samutpanne hmardham tyajati pandit:ardhena kurute karyam sarvanasho hi du:sahah:when destruction approaches, then the wise man is prepared to lose half of what he has| Half of the job can be done, but losing everything is very painful.

Subhashita 357

Let us make an effort in virtues: what purpose are they sold with caps, not with bells: cows devoid of milk: I should increase myself in good virtues| There is no profit in showing off.A cow that does not give milk cannot be sold by ringing a bell hanging around its neck.
A living being who does not eat grass is considered to be the supreme share of animals. A person who is not interested in art and music is like an animal without a tail and horns.
It is the animal's good fortune that he does not eat grass! Proverbs 359He does not get angry at respect or insult.
Na Kruddha: Parusham Bruyats Vai Sadhoottam: Smrat: A saint is the one who does not get happy when he is respected, does not get angry when he is insulted and does not speak harsh words when he himself is angry.

Subhashita 360

The letter written in the water was spoken by the oath of Asabdhi.
The oath taken by the wicked is as fleeting as the letters written on water.
But even a sentence spoken spontaneously by a person like a saint remains as if it is written on a rock.

Subhashita 361

Just as a stone is placed on a rock with great effort
In a moment the soul is thrown down to the ground, both in virtue and in evil. It is difficult to carry a stone to the top of a mountain, but it is very easy to push it down from the top of the mountain.
Similarly, it is difficult to fill a person with virtues, but it is easy to fill him with bad qualities.

Subhashit 362

Lubdhamarthena gru*niyat kruddhamanjalikarmanamurkham chhandanuvrittya ca tattvarthena ca panditamlalachi A man can be subdued by giving him wealth (greed).An angry person can be subdued by being humble with him.A foolish man can be subdued by treating him according to his wishes.That is the wise They can subdue the person by telling him the basic elements.Adharmenaithate purva tato bhadrani pashyati.
Thereafter he conquers his enemies and is completely destroyed.
He also experiences good fortune.
He conquers even the enemy.
But in the end its destruction is certain.
It is destroyed along with the root.
Knowledge is a friend in exile, and a wife is a friend in home.
Medicine is a friend to the sick and religion is a friend to the dead Knowledge is a friend during exile
The wife is a friend in her house.
Medicine is a friend to a diseased body and religion is its friend after death.

Subhashita 365

Rupyouvansampanna: Vishalkulsambhava: .
Without knowledge, people are not as beautiful as kimśuka trees without fragrance.

Subhashit 367

Narapatihitakarta dveshytam yati lokejanapadahitakarta tyajyate parthivena iti mahati virode vidyamane samanenrupatijanapadanaam durlabh: karyakartarajaka kalyana karanvaleka durlabha hai.logonka kalyanavalako raja tyaga de.Thus despite great opposition from both sides, a man who does the welfare of both king and subjects is rare.

Subhashit 368

The lamp destroys darkness, gives wealth, health and welfare. The lamp light destroys darkness and gives health and wealth. My salutations to the lamp that brings welfare to all

Subhashita 369

That action which is not for bondage is the knowledge which is for liberation.
Vidya Purana 2|3Action by which a man is not bound by bondage is the true action.
That which leads to liberation is the true knowledge.
The rest of the action is the cause of suffering and the other type of knowledge is only skilled craftsmanship.Aksharadvayam abhyastam nasti nasti iti yath pura.
Tad idam dehi dehi iti viparitam pratitam If a man does not say no to the beggar on the highest peak of wealth, surely in the future the situation of saying give give to such a man will bring destiny.
Sin committed in another realm is destroyed in the holy realm.
Sins committed in holy places will be smeared with thunderbolt Sins committed in other holy places are washed away in holy places
But sins committed in the holy region are like thunderbolt r forgive.
The essence of the world is the temple of the father-in-law.
Lord Hari is lying on the Himalayas, and Lord Hari is lying on the ocean.
That is why Lord Shankar lives in the Himalayas and Lord Vishnu lives in the ocean.
With even one good son, the lion sleeps safely.
Sah eva dashabhi: putrai: bharam vahti gardbhi ॥ Even if a lion has a cub, it rests because its cub brings food to it.
But the donkey has to bear the burden herself even if she has ten children.

Subhashit 374

Acharya: prathamo dharma: itiyetad vidusam vaca: tasmad rakshet sadacharam pranebhyopi especially good behavior is the most important, said the Pandit, therefore, one should behave well even at the cost of one's life.
It pleases a man as a sweet-speaking voice.Cool water, sandalwood or shade, nothing has as much coolness as a sweet voice.

Subhashita 376

They do not tolerate the self-consciousness of the self.
Heroes perform difficult tasks without showing themselves Heroes cannot bear to praise themselves with their own mouths
They do not demonstrate themselves by their words but perform difficult deeds.
The mind of the steadfast remains unmoved even in the face of adversity. Even though mountains may be moved by the gusts of the wind at the end of the ages, the steadfast hearts of men of patience do not waver in any distress.

Subhashit 378

The great souls have one mind, one word and one action.
Manasyanyat vachasyanyat karmanyanyat duratmanaamThe thought that is in the mind of great persons is what they speak and bring about in action On the contrary, the lowly have one mind, they speak another and do another.

Subhashita 379

As long as there is giving in life,,, giving is more than that.
Itayesha prayer memorial Bhagwanparipuryatam May our charity in our life be more than our requests, this is a prayer, O God, please fulfill it.

Subhashita 380

Truth is the mother, father is knowledge, religion is the brother, mercy is the friend.
Śānti is my wife, Kṣama is my son. These six are my relatives. Truth is my mother, knowledge is my father, religion is my friend, mercy is my friend, śānti is my wife and kshama is my son.
All these are my relatives.

Subhashita 381

I don’t know about Keyura, I don’t know about Kundala.
Ramayana 4, 6|22 When Ravana was forcibly taking Sita away, Sita dropped some of her jewelery in the hope that Rama could see her and reach her.
Then Laxman said, “I cannot recognize these coils and armlets.
But because of constantly touching his feet, I can say with certainty that this nupur belongs to him.

Subhashita 382

Please tell me, O goddess, what the king desires.
Ramayana Ayodhya verse 18:30 Bharata's coronation and Rama's exile Having received this boon from King Dasaratha, Kaikeyi tells Rama that King Dasaratha is not willing to tell her unpleasant news.
That's why if Shriram will do according to the wish of the king, only then mother Kaikeyi will tell him that story.
Hearing this, Shri Ram says, “I can even enter the fire on the orders of the king.
I promise, I will do whatever the king says.
Shriram did not promise twice.
Sri Rama was a singular.

Subhashita 383

Without the sun, crops and water, the world would not exist.
Without Rama I cannot live in my body.Ramayana When Kaikeyi asks King Dasaratha for the boon of sending Lord Rama into exile, King Dasaratha says that it is possible for creation to survive without the sun or for grain to grow without water.
But it is impossible to live in this body without Shriram. This thing of King Dasharatha proved in future.

Subhashita 384

The mountains are far away, and the prostitutes are beautiful in their faces.
There are three beautiful stories about the battle. From a distance the mountains look very beautiful.
After beautifying the face, the prostitute also looks good.
It's great to hear war stories.
These three things look good only if there is enough difference between them.

Subhashit 385

Ten ācāryas were born from the Upādhyā, and one hundred Ācāryas were fathered.
A mother is more respectful than a thousand forefathers.
Fathers are equal to hundred teachers.
It is thousand times better than parents.

Subhashita 386

The distressed worship the gods, and the sick perform austerities.
The poor desire charity, the elderly woman is chaste. In times of distress people pray to the Lord, and the sick person tries to perform austerities.
There is a desire to donate to the poor and an old woman is devoted to her husband.
People pretend to have good qualities just because of the circumstances.

Subhashita 387

Grief destroys patience, grief destroys hearing.
Sorrow destroys everything, there is no enemy equal to sorrow Sorrow destroys patience, sorrow destroys knowledge, sorrow destroys everything.
That's why there is no enemy like grief.

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Subhashita 388

The banks of Bhīṣma and Drona are the waters of Jayadratha and the blue lotuses of Gāndhāra.
The city was overwhelmed by the merciful ears of Śalyagraha and Duryodhana
Sottirna Khalu Pandavai: Rannadi Kaivartak: Keshav: ॥ Bhishma and Drona whose two banks are Jayadrath whose water is Hashakuni in which Neelkamal is the surgical water consumer Karna and Kripacharya whose dignity has been disturbed Ashwatthama and Vikarna whose fierce crocodile is such a fierce and The Pandavas were able to cross the stormy river in the form of Duryodhana only with the help of the boatman in the form of Shri Krishna.

Subhashita 389

The goddess of fortune gives birth to all calamities, and in her milk the fame wipes away the dirt. The process of ritualistic ceremonies purifies the Supreme. Pure intelligence is like the cow of desire. Pure intelligence is certainly like the cow of desire, for it produces wealth and grain; protects against coming calamities; She washes away dirt with the milk of fame and glory; and sanctifies others with her sacred rites. Thus Vidya is full of all virtues.

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: being drunk or under the influence of a drug (as marijuana) taken especially for pleasure : high.

What does literally mean in Old English? ›

"The word literal comes from the Latin word littera, which means letter, so when you literally go back to the origin of the word it means letter by letter, in its exact accurate sense, and literally means according to the letter of the language.

What is low in Old English? ›

low (v.) Old English hlowan "moo, make a noise like a cow," from Proto-Germanic imitative *khlo- (source also of Middle Dutch loeyen, Dutch loeien, Old Low Franconian luon, Old High German hluojen).

What did girl mean in Old English? ›

Girl was originally a girl or boy

Back when the word “girl” first appeared in the language, in the Middle English period, it was used to mean “child”, regardless of the gender of the child in question.

What does Hey mean in Old English? ›

hey (interj.)

c. 1200 as a call implying challenge, rebuttal, anger, derision; variously spelled in Middle English hei, hai, ai, he, heh. Later in Middle English expressing sorrow, or concern; also a shout of encouragement to hunting dogs.

What is the Old English of saying no? ›

From Middle English no, na, from Old English nā, nō (“no, not, not ever, never”), from Proto-Germanic *nai (“never”), *ne (“not”), from Proto-Indo-European *ne, *nē, *nēy (negative particle), equivalent to Old English ne (“not”) + ā, ō (“ever, always”).

What does I'm baked mean? ›

slang. : under the influence of a drug and especially marijuana : stoned sense 2.

What is mean by Cloud 9? ›

: a feeling of well-being or elation. usually used with on. still on cloud nine weeks after winning the championship.

What does I wanna get high mean? ›

(idiomatic, slang) To intoxicate oneself with drugs or other substances.

What is it called when you say something but don t mean it literally? ›

Figurative language refers to words or phrases that are meaningful, but not literally true.

Why do Americans say literally so much? ›

Oftentimes people try to infer a word's meaning from its context, rather than just consult a dictionary. So, it's likely that some people hear "literally" (e.g., "The tornado literally demolished the house") and think it's an intensifier, e.g., very, extremely, really, etc.

How do I stop saying literally? ›

Here are some other fillers to get you going in replacing the overuse of "literally":
  1. Actually: Actually, you may already know how we feel about actually.
  2. Basically. ...
  3. Honestly: The frequency with which you deploy this word is inversely related to the frequency with which you are actually honest.
Feb 14, 2018

What is forbidden in Old English? ›

Forbid comes from the Old English word forbeodan, meaning "forbid, prohibit." Forbid can also mean "prevent" or "keep from happening." The spare tire on your car will forbid you from driving any faster than 40 miles an hour — any faster and the car will shake.

What is poor English called? ›

Broken English is a name for a non-standard, non-traditionally spoken or alternatively-written version of the English language. These forms of English are sometimes considered as a pidgin if they have derived in a context where more than one language is used.

What is the meaning of cow lowing? ›

(ˈləʊɪŋ ) noun. the ordinary vocal sounds made by cattle.


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