MotoGP Racing Coverage on ServusTV (2023)

In-depth analysis and expert commentary

ServusTV provides extensive coverage of the MotoGP racing series, including all races from the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 classes. Viewers can enjoy the entire racing action live and in full HD quality.

The coverage is enhanced by ServusTV's expert commentary team, consisting of Austrian motorcycle racing legend Gustl Auinger, former MotoGP rider Alex Hofmann, and Moto2 World Champion Stefan Bradl serving as a test rider for HRC. Viewers benefit greatly from their insightful analysis of the races and technical knowledge of the sport.

In addition, the coverage is hosted by moderators Alina Marzi and Eve Scheer. Lead commentator Christian Brugger and Philipp Krummholz provide play-by-play commentary of the races.

Comprehensive race coverage and extras

Beyond just the races, ServusTV offers extensive pre-race and post-race programming. This includes in-depth previews to preview the upcoming races, interviews with riders, and behind-the-scenes features. After each race concludes, the network analyzes the results and breaks down the action on the track.

ServusTV strives to give viewers a fully immersive MotoGP experience. From the qualifying sessions to the races themselves, no moment of action is missed. The expert analysis and commentary provide valuable insights that casual and dedicated fans alike can appreciate. It is a one-stop destination for comprehensive MotoGP coverage.

Engaging storytelling beyond the races

While the races are undoubtedly the highlight, ServusTV enhances the viewing experience with other engaging storytelling. Profile pieces offer a closer look at prominent riders, their backgrounds, and approach to racing. Features also explore aspects of the sport like bike engineering and track conditions.

By combining gripping racing action with insightful commentary and storytelling, ServusTV delivers a premium MotoGP viewing experience. It enables fans to enjoy and understand the sport on a deeper level. The network's commitment to high quality coverage ensures it remains the top choice for German-speaking MotoGP audiences.


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