100+ Sanskrit Suktiyan with Hindi Meaning (Sanskrit Suktiyan Arth Sahit) (2023)

Sanskrit Suktiyan:Aphorisms are the essence of spoken knowledge, through these we get better knowledge in less words. You get to see the inclusion of experience and mature thoughts of our scholars, great men and moralists in the proverbs. This paves our way of life.

100+ Sanskrit Suktiyan with Hindi Meaning (Sanskrit Suktiyan Arth Sahit) (1)

Proverbs create our mindset and our pure thoughts, following which life can be lived easily. She guides us in life like a best friend.

In today's post, we will tell you more than 100 main proverbs, you must adopt them in your life.

Sanskrit Suktis with Hindi Meaning | Sanskrit Suktiyan Arth Sahit

Sanskrit proverbs

Guests are like God.
Meaning- The guest is like God for us.

Let not the unrighteousness go to the good, nor the darkness to the light.
Meaning- The knowledge which leads from untruth to truth and from darkness to light.

Let not the light shine out of darkness.
Meaning- lead from darkness to light.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
Meaning- All the inhabitants of the earth are one family.

The glories of the virtuous are for the benefit of others.
Meaning- The reputation of gentlemen is always for charity.

We have read 5 proverbs in Sanskrit with meaning, let's read further.

Animal without knowledge.
Meaning- A man devoid of knowledge (not accepting knowledge) is like an animal.

Laziness is the greatest enemy in the body of man.
Meaning: Laziness is a terrible enemy.

100+ Sanskrit Suktiyan with Hindi Meaning (Sanskrit Suktiyan Arth Sahit) (2)

Non-violence is the ultimate religion.
Meaning- Non-violence is the biggest (ultimate) religion.

Let no one share in the suffering.
Meaning- No one should be sad, that means everyone should be happy.

Mother and birthplace are more precious than heaven.
Meaning- Our birthplace is bigger than heaven.

We have read 10 proverbs in Sanskrit with meaning, let's read further.

Atheist and blasphemer of the Vedas.
Meaning: A person who condemns the Vedas is an atheist.

Do not covet anyone's wealth.
Meaning- One should not covet someone else's money.

Yoga: Skill in actions.
Meaning – Yoga in the form of equality is the only way to get rid of the bondage of karma.

Sanskrit Sukti (Sanskrit Sukti)

Suddenly he gave no action.
Meaning- Work should not be done without thought.

Where is happiness for the unsettled?
Meaning- A restless person can never get happiness?

Non-Aryan: Pardarvyahar.
Meaning- Talking about another woman is a crime.

Untouchable: Virtue:.
Meaning- Never violate the morality.

That it is an insurmountable destiny.
Meaning- No one can avoid destiny.

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Exaggeration: Suspicious.
Meaning- Excessive respect creates doubt.

The people should be followed by the greasy people at the end of the water.
Meaning- Shardgarv says- God should always support the dear person.

Gariyashi Guru: Command.
Meaning: The commands of the teachers are great and should be followed.

Who can pray to the suffering ascetic?
Meaning- Don't pray to ascetics, they already suffer.

Aphorisms (Suktiyan)

Bhogiv Mantroshadhiruddhavirya.
Meaning- Even the criminals started burning from inside because of what they had done.

It is rare to find a speaker or a listener for what is unpleasant and wholesome
Meaning- Those who say such things that are unpleasant but beneficial in result are rare.

A man is not to be satisfied with money.
Meaning- Man is never satisfied with the desire for money, his greed keeps on increasing.

Silence is the ornament of the ignorant.
Meaning- It is best for fools to remain silent.

All virtues depend on gold.
Meaning- Gold has all the qualities.

Small Sanskrit Shlok (Sanskrit Shlok)

The king followed her like a shadow.
Meaning- King Dilip has followed Queen Nandini like a shadow.

Super affection: Papashanki.
Meaning- Excessive love also gives rise to the apprehension of sin.

Find me lustful and happy.
Meaning- Kamdhenu cow - I am happy, ask for a boon!

Even the Guru helps the bond of separation, suffering and hope.
Meaning – Anasuya tells Shakuntala – The bond of hope gives strength to bear the harsh sorrow of separation.

Even though the sacrificer's eyes were filled with smoke the sacrifice was offered in the fire
Meaning-The sacrifice of the guest whose eyes were disturbed by the smoke fell right in the fire.

The signs of grace are the fruits.
Meaning- First the signs of happiness appear, then the fruit is obtained.

People don't believe in multilingual people.
Meaning- People don't believe the one who talks a lot.

For the meaning is that the girl is foreign.
Meaning- A girl child is like a foreign object to us.

Important Sukti (Sukti in Sanskrit)

That which attains newness every moment is the form of beauty
Meaning- The person who wears newness all the time, he is called the form of beauty.

There is no knowledge equal to the eye.
Meaning – There is no other eye like Brahmavidya meaning great man in the world.

A cheater should commit cheating.
Meaning – One should not be harsh with a foolish person.

Who can protect whom at the time of death?
Meaning- No one can protect anyone when death is near.

100+ Sanskrit Suktiyan with Hindi Meaning (Sanskrit Suktiyan Arth Sahit) (3)

For the law is inviolable.
Meaning- Fate is certain, it can never be changed by us.

Policies initiated in time bear fruit
Meaning- Right policies at the time are always successful.

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Evening as in the middle of day and night.
Meaning- She is as beautiful as the evening between day and night.

Sanskrit Suktiyan (Sanskrit Suktiyan)

Strong maternal affection.
Meaning- Mother's affection is strong (power-giving) for all.

Oh, Duranta is strongly opposed.
Meaning- One should not quarrel with the strong.

Get up, wake up, and listen to the boons you have received.
Meaning- O man! Get up, wake up and know God (God) in the company of great great men.

There is no teacher like a mother.
Meaning- There is no other Guru like our Mother (Mother is the first Guru).

Greed is the cause of sin.
Meaning- Greed is the cause of sin.

Suktiyan in Sanskrit

Those who are wellwishers do not wish to utter pleasant words
Meaning- Those who want welfare, do not expect (wish) from anyone.

May the great Saraswati Sruti be glorified.
Meaning- The speech of a man of knowledge is fully respected.

The unsolicited favorable passion will reveal itself.
Meaning-Nothing is achieved without prayer, Cupid (lust) will soon reveal it.

Unsuitable jewelry.
Meaning – ignorant of the use of ornaments.

For straightforwardness is not a policy in the crooked.
Meaning- Simplicity policy should not be adopted for crooked people.

The order of the daughters of the family has been abandoned
Meaning- All the girls choose a suitable groom only with the consent of their teachers.

The same taste is compassionate because of the difference in cause.
Meaning- Different results can be obtained from one Karuna Rasa.

sanskrit proverbs

A virtuous girl is to be represented.
Meaning: We should give our daughter to a virtuous man.

100+ Sanskrit Suktiyan with Hindi Meaning (Sanskrit Suktiyan Arth Sahit) (4)

Suffering is the protection of trust.
Meaning- Protecting other's wealth can be painful.

Sanskrit Suktiyan

Let us live autumn: a hundred.
Meaning- May we all attain the age of 100 years and live for 100 years.

Meaning- What is the benefit of the kingdom or the dirty life filled with condemnation.

For the future is strong.
Meaning – promising are strong.

What doesn't the narrative of the good rottenness do to men?
Meaning- Good company does not do good to humans.

There are no evils in the world for those who have no sons
Meaning- Couples get a son, it is considered auspicious.

Conduct is the supreme religion.
Meaning- Our best conduct is the ultimate (big) religion.

For the age of the brilliant is not considered.
Meaning- The age of Tejasvi men is not assessed.

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Sanskrit Quotes

Therefore one should worship his mother and father with all his efforts
Meaning- Parents should be served in a good way.

Age is not considered in the elders of religion
Meaning- People of young age are also respected because of penance (conduct).

Character is the supreme ornament.
Meaning- Tolerance is the biggest ornament.

I am free from worry about this and you right now.
Meaning- I am relaxed for this Vanajyotsna and for you.

proverbs in sanskrit

The wind served the cleansed of morality.
Meaning- The winds irrigated with the particles of springs are attached to the roots.

The holy water and the fire deserve no other purification.
Meaning- Pilgrimages are purified by water and fire, not by other substances.

People are indeed fond of celebrations.
Meaning- Man always likes happiness.

100+ Sanskrit Suktiyan with Hindi Meaning (Sanskrit Suktiyan Arth Sahit) (5)

Sanskrit Suktiyan

Friendship is like a shadow between the wicked and the good.
Meaning- The friendship of the wicked and the gentlemen is like a shadow.

Indeed, there is no subject for the wise.
Meaning- Shardgarv says- Nothing is unknown to the scholars.

The ornament of speech is the ornament.
Meaning- The ornament in the form of speech remains forever, it never gets destroyed.

Defeat is also a celebration for the proud.
Meaning- Tejasvi men celebrate the happiness of others.

What about the embellishment of sweet things and not of shapes
Meaning- Things are not ornaments for a gentleman?

Proverbs in Sanskrit with meaning (Sanskrit Mein Suktiyan)

Nature is difficult to transgress.
Meaning- Nature is rare even for us.

My heart desires to see you who are biased for no reason
Meaning- My affection towards you is selfless, I am longing to meet you.

The sound of the Kshatriyas has spread throughout the worlds
Meaning- Even Yamraj cannot attack me due to the influence of Maharishi Vashishtha.

Who waters a new garland with warm water
Meaning – Priyamvada says – Navamalika should not be irrigated with hot water.

Sanskrit Proverbs with Hindi Meaning

The ignorant prove fate.
Meaning- A foolish person considers luck as everything.

For the transgression of the worship of the worshipable is the best that binds the counterpart.
Meaning- Worshiping the worshipable brings welfare.

Where women are worshipped, gods enjoy them.
Meaning- In a family where women are respected, the deities are pleased in that house.

An elephant is caught in the alley and a horse is caught in the valleys A woman is taken in the heart if this is not there go away
Meaning- The elephant is stopped by the pole. A horse is controlled by the reins and a woman is controlled only by loving from the heart.

(Video) [2022] सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रेरणादायक संस्कृत श्लोक अर्थ सहित | Sanskrit Shlokas with Hindi Meaning

The long thread is destroyed.
Meaning- The one who delays unnecessarily in every work is never successful.

Mr. resides in courage.
Meaning- Lakshmi resides in courage.

Disbelief in bodies is indeed physical.
Meaning- Wise people do not have faith in physical bodies, they are aware of protecting the body in the form of fame.

Sanskrit Suktiyan

The creepers with their white leaves fallen are shedding tears
Meaning- After the departure of Shakuntala to her husband's house, animals and birds are still suffering. Yellow leaves are breaking off from the vines and falling on the ground.

It stood as if it were the beginning of a painting.
Meaning – The arrows written in the picture look like those engaged in industry.

For the saints are rich in patience.
Meaning- Patience of gentlemen is their biggest wealth.

Not everyone knows everything.
Meaning- Not all people can know everything.

It is not started by the mean for fear of obstacles
Meaning- Foolish people do not start work due to fear of obstacles.

Sanskrit Proverbs with Hindi Meaning

Resistance to coercion.
Meaning – One should not oppose the strong.

This is all about God.
Meaning- God pervades everywhere in the world.

The body is indeed the first means of righteousness.
Meaning- The body is the main instrument of religion.

Oh, the partiality of the Creator towards human beings.
Meaning- Brahma has shown partiality towards Patralekha. Her beauty is more beautiful than the Gandharvas.

Sanskrit Suktiyan

The row of fortunes goes like a row of wheels.
Meaning- The order keeps on changing with time, the fate line in the world moves like the spokes of the wheel.

Becoming a warrior, he protected the four seas, like the earth in the form of a cow.
Meaning- The protection of the Nandini cow with four udders is like the protection of the earth with four seas.

The command is to be considered by the teachers.
Meaning- One should consider (obey) the orders of the elders.

And even a rich man without character is miserable.
Meaning- A characterless person gets the plight even after being rich.

For the term is everywhere invested by virtues.
Meaning- Our qualities make enemies and friends.

For a rich kingdom is said to be the abode of Indra.
Meaning- A prosperous state is equal to the rule of Indra.

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